Timberland Homes wants to annex three parcels, reduce density

by: FILE PHOTO/REGAL COURIER - A NEW CASTLE COMING? - Timberland Homes has built other Castle Oaks developments near where it proposes to build another one with attached homes in King City.The King City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing Wednesday, Aug. 7, at 9:30 a.m. on a request for annexation and zone change by Timberland Homes for three parcels just south of the Highlands.

Steve Brown, the owner of Timberland Homes, which has constructed the Castle Oaks developments in the same area, is seeking to have 4.8 acres, located between 128th and 131st avenues south of Dickson Street, annexed into King City, with the zoning changed from Washington County R-15 (multi-family residential) to King City R-12 (attached residential).

Dickson Street forms the southern boundary of the Highlands off 131st Avenue, and Brown spoke to area residents and answered their questions at two meetings in late February - a Community Participation Organization 4K (King City) meeting at the Highlands Clubhouse on Feb. 25 and another one at the Best Western Northwind Inn & Suites on Feb. 26.

Brown, who dubbed the project "Castle Oaks East," said his purpose in reducing the zoning density was to make it more in keeping with the surrounding area, which is part of the Bull Mountain Community Plan.

Originally, Brown was proposing to build 36 single, detached family homes, pointing out that the higher-density figure would mean a multi-family complex "that could be 50 or 60 apartments."

Brown told the two audiences that this plan enhances the neighborhood with houses that would sell in the $350,000 to $450,000 price range.

However, Brown added that overall, the region is failing to meet the urban density requirements dictated by Metro and that he expects resistance to his proposal to lower the density on this site.

Westland Consultants Inc. is providing the engineering and planning services for the project, and Ed Brockman, a broker with Windermere Bridgeport Realty Group, is handling the land sale.

Louis Graven owned 3.89 acres of the 4.8-acre site, and Brockman said in March that it wasn't until after Graven died that the family decided to sell.

"I deal with many builders, and I chose Steve for this property because Mr. Graven hated high density," said Brockman, who added that the owner of an adjacent half-acre also is selling his property this summer; the owner of another half-acre is not interested in selling at this time but will probably sell in the future to complete the 4.8 acres development.

The Planning Commission will consider the land-use application for parcels located at 16525 S.W. 128th Ave., 16530 S.W. 131st Ave., and 16590 S.W. 131st Ave. and make a recommendation to the City Council.

The meeting will take place at King City City Hall, 15300 S.W. 116th Ave., and the application and all relevant documents are available at King City City Hall. At least seven days before the hearing, a copy of the staff report will be available.

If the Planning Commission votes to recommend the application to the City Council, the issue may be on its Aug. 21 agenda.

For more information, call King City City Hall at 503-639-4082.

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