To the Editor:

In your last issue you carried a letter from me urging a NO vote on the ballot measure concerning rail transport to our area.

I would again urge a NO vote on the measure on the King City September ballot. It is quite a complex measure in what it does and should be thoroughly discussed before being decided.

At our last council meeting (Aug. 1), several citizens attended, and a lively exchange of ideas took place, as should happen.

The measure basically takes away some of the opportunities for information distribution and forbids voters of King City from getting information and clarification on the proposed law from their city staff.

We would hope King City folks would defeat the bill and thus make a vote for an open situation where as much information as possible can be disseminated, not just that from extraneous sources.

A no vote on the ballot will allow free discussion on the law and not muzzle an important source of information.

Ron Shay


King City

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