To the Editor:

I guess the King City Council has run out of things to do, so now they are creating noise and burning ordinances that are unreasonable (Regal Courier, April 2013, “City gets cleaner, quieter”).

All the landscaping services use loud blowers and power mowers (90db) in King City, so the city is now going to ban all landscaping services from operating within the city limits? What about homeowners using power mowers and blowers?

Are homeowners now restricted to five minutes of yard maintenance per day? What about the golf course power mowers and blowers? Is King City now going to fine the King City Civic Association under this new noise ordinance?

Just a note, if your garbage disposal or food blender makes 86dB-plus of noise or louder, you should consider replacement with a new quieter model.

As for the smoke ordinance, what about residential barbeques and smokers? Now residents cannot use their barbeques and smoke within King City?

I think the council would be better served helping the residents of King City not hindering them with ill conceived ordinances. Just my two cents...

Terry Shane

King City

Contract Publishing

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