To the editor:

The King City Civic Association resolutions inserted in our most recent newsletter show that the KCCA board continues its procrustean policy towards rentals.

It persists in its insensitivity to the very real needs of many aging and fragile residents and seems unaware of the deeply changed current real estate and rental markets.

Just in our small community of King City Terrace Condominiums, several residents (including my wife and I), who have purchased here with the best of intentions, now experience an alarming and growing incapacity to live independently.

We might be wise to consider assisted living, but that expensive option is forestalled because the condo sales market is moribund, and the KCCA board refuses to allow us to consider being landlords in the much-changed and lively current rental market.

As a former landlord, I know that renters have always existed that are every bit as good neighbors as owners are. Through proper screening, adequate deposits, application interviews, sensitive oversight and strong legal documents, the owners' and the community's values are protected.

The news often has stories of responsible folks who through no fault of their own have lost their homes and now need to rent.

Across America, millions of professionals and highly skilled workers have been thus affected by the Great Recession.

Moreover, in anticipation of an improved economy, many would-be buyers who hope to soon have better employment that may require relocation choose to rent for now.

Other HOA communities, some very high-end, allow limited numbers of rentals, with no deleterious effect. This flexibility also increases potential buyer interest.

It is time for the KCCA board members to cast off its archaic policy and to become more humanely responsive to today's world.

Henry W. "Hank" Slangal

King City

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