Media warned the public not to use the water because of E coli contamination

To the Editor:

On the Friday, May 23, Portland issued the largest boil water alert in its history. Most citizens probably don't know it, but (the Tigard Water District which includes King City) gets its water from Portland and thus was also contaminated with E coli.

Why didn't Tigard officials activate the emergency system to call us? Were the officials too lazy? Too incompetent? Didn't care about the safety of the citizens, especially the seniors and young?

Were the officials too busy? I seriously doubt it since Tigard city offices are always closed on Fridays.

Maybe they were all already out of town for their four-day Memorial Day weekend?

When I called to complain, they said they let Portland handle the alerts, but Portland's system doesn't have the phone numbers for the 50,000 Tigard water customers. Pretty poor performance given we have a large population of at risk people including King City, Summerfield and the very young on Tigard's water system.

John Smith


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