'Family' dog found in a pumpkin patch ends up as grandma's prize pet

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - DAILY HABIT - Diane Royse enjoys taking Punkin to the Ash Street off-leash dog park in downtownTigard more than once a day.Diane Royse, who lives in the Woodspring Apartments in Tigard, has had dogs all her life, and her last Labrador retriever Emily chose her cat Edward.

But Diane was dogless when her family, including her son, daughter-in-law and four grandkids, went to Lakeview Farms Pumpkin Patch in October 2011.

"We had been there about three hours and did everything there was to do there," she said. "We ate hot dogs, and I was cleaning up when I saw everyone huddled around something. I thought it was a puppy or a baby. It was a grandma and two little girls with a puppy, and my son said, 'Mom, they don't want her.'"

The seller insisted the yellow puppy was a purebred Labrador retriever and wanted $100.

"I knew it wasn't a purebred dog, but the kids wanted it and said it could be the 'family' dog and we would all take care of her," Diane said.

"Between us, we came up with $94 and got the puppy. I was the only one who knew about raising puppies, and the kids were a little afraid of her, so Grandma ended up with her."

Because they got the dog Oct. 17, and she was about 8 weeks old, Diane gave her an Aug. 17 birthdate and named her Punkin since she was literally found in a pumpkin patch.

"She's pretty lively and wild, yeah," Dian said. "But she's a fun dog. She's a good dog. But she's not like a purebred lab."

It's Diane who takes Punkin to Tigard's Ash Street Dog Park two or three times a day, where Punkin has made lots of four-legged friends and has been known to run off with anything not tied down.

"I just didn't think I'd be doing this at 70, but it's probably good for me," said Diane. "It's worked out well. The grandkids love her, and she's settled down a lot."

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