Summerfield residents Craig Kellogg and Jon Connolly team up to become 'Time Drifters'

BARBARA SHERMAN - Two of the four members of the Time Drifters band - Craig Kellogg (left) and Jon Connolly - live in Summerfield, and they are excited about the newly constituted band playing one of its first gigs in the Summerfield Clubhouse on Sept. 17.You can't keep a good band down, and despite one member dropping out and another one moving across town and battling cancer, Time Drifters, which includes two Summerfield residents, has persevered and will perform in Summerfield in September.

Craig Kellogg, who plays the guitar and harmonica and sings, is part of the band based in Hillsboro, where he lived for eight years before moving to Summerfield nine months ago. Jon Connolly is a drummer who also lives in Summerfield and met Kellogg after Kellogg posted a notice in the Clubhouse that his band needed a drummer.

"I thought I'd give it a shot and called him," Connolly said. "He brought his guitar over to see what happened. He's way more talented than me, but we like the same music. I could play alongside him, but I'm not as accomplished as him."

The other two members of the band are guitar player Mike Hogue and bass player Craig Schoefer.

"We knew all the songs already and do harmonies," Kellogg said. "We just needed someone to keep the beat. We formed the band three or four years ago, but when I lost my leg to cancer a year ago July, I thought that would be the end of it."

Kellogg, who previously played in bands in Reno and Los Angeles, uses a guitar synthesizer that makes it sound like a saxophone, flute, banjo and other instruments. "It adds a lot when you just have a four-piece band," he said.

Connolly recalled heading over to see Kellogg once and heard him playing "Old Time Rock and Roll" in the back yard. "I wondered, where did the piano come from?" he said.

"After I met Craig, I bought an electric drum set that I can carry to his place. It's OK for practice but not for performance."

The newly formed band played at the Summerfield home of Connie Jones for her birthday, and also has played at the Moose Lodge in Wilsonville. Now the Summerfield Dance Club is sponsoring a Time Drifters concert at the Clubhouse in September. (See sidebar.)

"We'd like to play in King City, too," Connolly said. "We're at the age where we don't want to do it too often or too far."

In addition to the guitars and bass, the drum set is not easy to transport, plus there are the amplifier and speakers to set up and take down.

Kellogg, who uses crutches to get around with his prosthetic leg, said, "I can carry my guitar case now, and my goal is not to use crutches eventually."

Although it sounds like these new bandmates are totally in synch, they actually have a bit of a rivalry going. Kellogg worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 35 years, while Connolly worked for United Parcel Service. "He was my competition," said Kellogg, who added he only played the guitar casually all those years he was working, "singing around the campfire, that type of thing."

Connolly said that he didn't buy a drum set until he was approaching retirement, and then he started practicing. After just a couple of practice sessions with the quartet, "I was impressed with how good we sounded," he said. "And we'll play together two or three more time before the Summerfield concert. We love playing but it's a lot of work."

They call their music style "country rock, older rock and urban '80s country."

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