Drive with patience in the neighborhood!


On Tuesday, October 22, I was driving westbound on S.E. Sellwood Blvd. at 8:40 in the morning, and was horrified when the driver behind me lost patience with my rate of speed (i.e., the speed limit) and passed me at a high rate of speed. As anyone who uses this street knows, it carries a high volume of families walking or biking their children to Llewellyn Elementary School, as well as joggers, walkers, cyclists, and dogs. In fact, if she had decided to pass me even 20 or 30 minutes earlier, she very likely might have hit a cyclist or pedestrian, and the casualty could have been a young child.

As Portlanders we pride ourselves on the livability of our city, including its walkability and bike-ability. However, my recent experience is that more and more people are reluctant to stop fully at stop signs, stop at crosswalks, or travel at a reasonable rate of speed on neighborhood streets. They no longer have the patience to wait that 15 or 30 extra seconds that may be required to keep the streets safe.

If we want to truly live in a city that is friendly and accessible, especially to children and seniors, we all need to drive cautiously and responsibly.

A.J. Block via e-mail

Chavez Boulevard


Month after month I see references to “39th Ave” in THE BEE. This name as a street name no longer exists and hasn't for several years. The street is now called Cesar E Chavez Boulevard and don’t you think it’s about time you started using that name in your paper? Or is this some political statement that you’re making?

Steve Hanrahan

S.E. Division Street [EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for asking. Since the street is still officially known by the city as S.E. 39th as well as Chavez (check the signposts at every corner), we will use the original name first. After those go down, we plan to refer to it as S.E. Chavez (39th), inasmuch as its former name helps people, particularly visitors, locate the most important street for getting around in the city west of 82nd Avenue of Roses – at least as long as S.E. 38th and S.E. 40th retain their current names. We called it “39th” in a headline in November because the information received from the city for the story referred to it only by that name, and we didn’t have room for both in the headline; but we did add the “(Chavez)” in the body of the article in recognition of the fact that the city had forgotten for a moment that it had renamed the street.]

Sees new Mayor as “hero”

Editor, Charlie is my new hero. I work near the campaign office and was having breakfast at my desk yesterday [October 20], and I heard a car crash. I looked out the window, and the victim was limping out of his very damaged car. I commented to my coworkers about how people were just driving and walking by and not stopping to help. So I decided to go out and see if I could be of assistance. By the time I walked to the scene, which was less than a block away, Charlie Hales was there. He had already called the authorities, was on first name basis with the victim, making sure he was alright, and had everything under control. He even stopped traffic so he could pick up the dangerous debris on the road. He was calm and in charge and there was nothing left for me to do. This wasn't window dressing, it was just a Charlie being the kind of guy he is.

Chelly Wentworth, CKD, CBD, CAPS

S.E. Grand Avenue

Tool Library needs a new home

Editor, Many of THE BEE’s readers are members of the SEPTL – or are at least familiar with it. We think it is a community project that strongly benefits the neighborhoods within our SE boundaries, and benefits our residents. The unfortunate thing is that we have become too popular for our own small tool library space.

The [nonprofit] Southeast Portland Tool Library (SEPTL) is now over two and a half years old, and has over 2,000 members in Inner Southeast Portland. The SEPTL, it seems, has now outgrown its space that 2 ½ years ago seemed sufficient. Growth is good, as far as a tool library is concerned – but it now leaves us very cramped, and needing a new space. In addition, we have almost 1,500 tools and, because of our space constraints, we are having to turn away donations.

St. David of Wales Church (just outside the BEE readership area, I believe) has provided a wonderful place for SEPTL to begin its work, but the SEPTL Board of Directors feels the time has come to begin a search for a larger space that will better suit the library’s needs and growth potential. An optimal space for SEPTL would possess these attributes:


  • Approximately 1,000+ sq. feet


  • Provide good access to the outside, so members can easily haul tools in and out


  • A heated space with some natural lighting (i.e., windows)  this would make it a friendlier environment for volunteer recruitment purposes


  • Would allow the SEPTL to have at a minimum a two year lease on the space


  • Centrally located in Inner Southeast Portland


  • SEPTL can afford a monthly rent stipend, to be negotiated (note that all of our tools are electric; we do not carry any gas-powered tools in our inventory for liability reasons).

    These parameters may seem like a tall order, but SEPTLs Board of Directors is counting on our members, as well as the community at large, to recognize all the benefits a neighborhood tool library provides. If you have, or know of, a space that could possibly fulfill the tool librarys needs, please contact me, Steve Couche, at: HYPERLINK "mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., as soon as possible.

    Ideally, SEPTL’s Board would like to be settled into our new space this winter. Please contact us if you know of anything that can help make this move happen. Thank You!

    Steve Couche, Founder

    S.E. Portland Tool Library (SEPTL)

    It’s “Killer Burger” on 17th in Sellwood


    Several people told us to read THE BEE – specifically: “Monster Burger opens in Sellwood” [Business Briefs, April, 2012; which announced that] “The space at the south end of S.E. 17th in Sellwood, near S.E. Linn Street, which was formerly occupied by ‘Hash’ Restaurant, has reopened as ‘Monster Burger’.” They told us to read this, because this is our restaurant you’re speaking of. Though we think the name “Monster Burger” is an alright name for a Burger Restaurant, the actual name is “Killer Burger”.

    Robin McCrary

    via e-mail [EDITOR’S NOTE: We regret the monstrous error.]

    An invite from Llewellyn

    Editor, I would like to invite the members of our community to join Llewellyn Elementary School's Shamrock Run Team. The race is held on March 17, 2013, in downtown Portland, with multiple running and walking event opportunities. We are attempting to create a Super Team of 75+ adult registrants under the team number of 6070. Participants will receive a $4 discount on their registration fee – and, upon reaching our goal, the Shamrock Run will donate $5 per adult participant to the Llewellyn Elementary School Foundation. The “team” aspect is really only in the registration process, our school spirit and camaraderie. Participants may enter any race of their choosing and can go at their own pace. This is an excellent way to get fit, have fun and support your neighborhood school! Pending we meet the Super Team status, your T-shirts, bib numbers and timing chips will be available for pick-up several days prior to the race outside at Llewellyn School before and/or after school. Details will follow. We hope that you will enter our team number 6070 when registering, and thank you for the support that it lends to our students!

    Registration extends through January 31. More information regarding the Shamrock Run can be found at: HYPERLINK "" – and questions regarding being a team member can be sent to: HYPERLINK "mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Jennifer Price

    Llewellyn Elementary School parent

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