by: RITA A. LEONARD - Laurie Webster is shown with some of the suns, moons, and stars decorating her Inner Southeast front porch. As you might imagine, someone who works with so many suns must wear shades.Laurie Webster is a sun-worshipper. She also loves moons, stars, and wind chimes, and she has decorated her home with scores of them. “I get a lot of people stopping by to admire the ones on my front porch,” she remarks. “I’ve been collecting them for years, and I still have a few more to hang up.”

The remarkable variety of displayed heavenly bodies are made of metal, wood, glass, ceramics, paper maché, and clay. Some have combinations of sun and moon or stars and moon, and many are decorated in bright colors. “There are mirrors on a few of them,” says Webster. “Even the wind chimes have suns and moons. When the wind blows, they lend a nice air of peace and serenity.”

Webster grew up in this home, at 2605 S.E. 21st Avenue. “My grandparents lived here first, then my mom and I joined them. I started decorating with suns and moons in the early ’90’s, and I like to move them around and add new ones. There are even some on my garage and garden shed.

“Sometimes at night after a hot day, I like to lie on a blanket out in the yard, and gaze up at the stars,” she confides.

In early August, when the Perseid Meteor Showers are seen best this year, she may even spot a few “shooting stars”.

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