by: RITA A. LEONARD - New Brooklyn residents Georgia and John French will welcome their fall baby with a giant pumpkin diorama - using one of the pumpkins they are growing themselves. Brooklyn residents John and Georgia French are looking forward to the birth of their first child this fall. They’re also excited about the giant pumpkins that are plumping up nicely in their raised garden.

“This is my first time growing pumpkins,” reveals John. “I’m hoping for a 200-pounder, although these kinds can easily grow to 400 pounds.” The child, no doubt, will weigh much less.

The couple has always celebrated Hallowe’en with lots of jack-o’-lanterns. “This year I want to make a diorama with a pumpkin, as an ode to my wife and new daughter,” smiles John. “It looks like we’ll have a lot of pumpkins to choose from.”

French planted seeds from two different varieties – “Atlantic Dills” and “Big Max” pumpkins. The lush vines are curling around two sides of their home, sporting pumpkins of various sizes and colors. One on the north side of the yard, under the sunflowers, is the largest of the crop, sitting like Humpty Dumpty at the top of a stone wall bordering the garden.

As recent transplants from Anchorage, the couple is excited about the longer growing season Portland offers; but, as you might imagine, they are looking forward with even more excitement to the new addition to their family.

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