With the contentious Board election out of the way, the new ENA Board members found electing their new Officers easy

DAVID F. ASHTON - Here are the new ENA Board of Directors: President Rod Merrick, VP Kristiana Nelson, Secretary George Bengtson, and Treasurer Heidi Levy. While discord abounds regarding a large section of Eastmoreland potentially becoming an official Historic District, new officers for the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association (ENA) were unanimously elected at their board meeting held the evening of June 1 at Duniway Elementary School.

More than 45 neighbors had filled the school's library, including 20 of the 21 board members, when the ENA Board of Director's meeting was called to order by outgoing Vice President Meg Merrick.

"This is the finalization of the election process held on May 18, where there was an extraordinary voter turnout," Merrick pointed out.

Since staff from the neighborhood coalition, Southeast Uplift, had gathered the ballots for counting, and counting and tabulation would take considerable time, just who the new Board Members were wouldn't be known for several days – so the association couldn't also decide on the officers at the same meeting, as had been the practice in the past, making the May 18 meeting necessary.

After self-introductions around the room, Merrick called for nominations for the ENA officer positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Following the ENA Bylaws, only Board Members were allowed to nominate and vote for their officers.

The four nominees spoke about their willingness to serve in the position. After that, ENA Secretary George Bengtson called for the vote: Each of the nominated officers was unanimously elected.

The results: Rod Merrick, President; Kristiana Nelson, Vice President; George Bengtson was re-elected Secretary, and Heidi Levy, Treasurer.

Newly-minted ENA President Rod Merrick thanked Meg, his wife, for having serving as Vice President – and, for the last couple of years, having putting together the neighborhood's newsletter.

"I think we have a strong Board, based on what I've read about each of you," President Merrick smiled. "I couldn't be happier work with you. We've got a lot of challenges ahead in the neighborhood."

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