Each driver said they were right; but nobody was injured, so insurance companies will sort it out

DAVID F. ASHTON - Firefighters tried to keep the peace, while the two drivers squabbled about the wreck. No one was injured in a two-vehicle smash-up in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood at 8:42 a.m. on Thursday, September 14 – but the collision left the drivers standing and squabbling in the street.

The driver of a green Ford Envoy SUV said she'd been westbound on S.E. Mitchell Court, had no stop sign, and was proceeding through the intersection at the speed limit when the collision occurred.

And, the driver of the green four-wheel-drive Ford pickup truck she smacked into claimed he had been northbound on S.E. 68th Avenue, and had come to a complete stop before attempting to cross Mitchell Court, where he was broadsided by the SUV.

After being T-boned, the pickup truck ended up on its side on the sidewalk; the SUV stopped not far along the street.

Woodstock Fire Station's Truck 25 and Lents Station's Engine 11 arrived, by which time the occupants had freed themselves from their wrecked vehicles.

When the discussion between the drivers became heated, a crew member of Engine 11 advised, "This won't be settled here; just exchange information."

When asked for his insurance certificate, the driver the pickup truck responded, "Good luck finding it", as he gestured toward the debris spilled out of his vehicle.

Portland Police did not respond to this accident, since no injuries were reported and it was considered a civil matter, so no citations were issued. Tow trucks arrived to take away the damaged vehicles.

The respective insurance companies will have to figure out who was at fault in this one.

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