by: RITA A. LEONARD - Owner Raffael Gaxiola, at right, and chef Howard Jerry have opened The Deadliest Catch Galley - a new food cart restaurant on S.E. Milwaukie Avenue in Brooklyn.A unique seafood food cart has opened in Brooklyn at 3318 S.E. Milwaukie Avenue, right across from U.S. Bank. Owner Raffael Gaxiola and chef Howard Jerry feature what they call “Mexican/Southern cuisine with a seafood twist”.

“We buy the food fresh daily from local purveyors, for our customers,” says Raffael, Each man has considerable individual experience with food carts, and the duo has joined forces for this endeavor.

It may strike you as unusual to apply the word “deadly” to a restaurant. But Gaxiola tells THE BEE that “The Deadliest Catch Galley” is a reference to Gaxiola’s own twenty years as a fisherman in the Bering Sea. “We lived in Anchorage, and fished for everything: Salmon, halibut, king crab, and black cod,” he says.

“Our menu here offers a huge variety of seafood dishes, Po’Boy sandwiches, char-broiled chicken, and steak, but we also make vegetarian dishes for those who want them.” So far, the most popular choices have been seafood burritos, estofado (grilled fish with raisins, olives, and salsa), and those Po’Boy sandwiches.

Rustic outdoor seating for about twenty-five consists of large wooden spool tables with sturdy chairs and benches made of 2x4’s, shaded by large umbrellas.

Live music is offered every Friday and Saturday evening, 7-9 pm – “and local musicians are welcome to come and jam”. Raffael is lead singer and occasional drummer of “El Raffa de Alaska & the Deadliest Catch Band”, which plays Tex-Mex, Funk, and Blues. They’ve played at Cinquo de Maio, and are scheduled for out-of-town concerts once a month.

The new food-cart restaurant, with its staff of four, opens Monday through Saturday at 11 am, usually closing around 9 or 10 pm. Chef Jerry observes, “We cook to order – nothing is pre-cooked here. We can make single servings, or present dishes family-style. We never turn away a customer.” Call 503/995-3730 for more information – or to hire the band.

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