by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Local Farmers Delivery staffmembers Scott McDonald, Morgan McDonald, and Maryann Evans-Sullivan - all Cleveland High graduates - say they want to be your new milkman. One of the oldest home services, remembered mainly by older Southeast residents, is returning, and the owner of the service says he expects it to be a business success.

It’s expressed in the business’ slogan: “The milkman’s back!” Yes, it’s true – you will have the opportunity of arranging to get regular delivery of milk, as well as a few other staples, such as eggs and bread. Based in the Brooklyn neighborhood, but with plans to serve the whole city from there, the new business is called Local Farmers Delivery, and it has begun service in Inner Southeast this month.

“Our business is new, but this is a very old concept,” agreed company President Scott McDonald.

Specifically, the firm will be providing local home delivery, at no extra cost, of well-known brands such as Alpenrose Dairy products, Franz Bakery items, and Portland Roasting coffees – along with staples like fresh eggs, yogurt, and orange juice – to residents’ doors twice a week.

They provide an insulated cooler bag to keep products fresh, from the time they’re delivered to customers’ front porches between 2 and 8 in the morning, until they’re brought into the house. “By the time people get up and want breakfast, these products will be at their door,” McDonald explained.

“We go from the dairy to your door in 24 hours,” he added. “And our products are at grocery store prices; some of our products are even less expensive.”

The services of the “neighborhood milkman” were gone by the 1960s, when supermarkets had become the place to shop for these products. “Now it’s come full circle,” says McDonald, “because families are so busy. We find that people really like the convenience of this old concept.”

In addition to creating local jobs, McDonald also pointed out that their milk delivery persons watch out for neighbors when they’re out selling the service, or delivering overnight. “I’ve actually stopped a break-in in progress myself.” McDonald grew up in Portland, but lived for a time in Australia, where he developed the business concept. Now he’s back in his home town to provide a convenient service many thought they’d never see again.

The service is already underway; find out more about, or sign up for, “Local Farmers Delivery” by calling 503/234-7273, or visiting their new website:

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