Even though snow days extended the school year, Llewellyn Elementary put on their end-of-year carnival when they always do

DAVID F. ASHTON - Students delight in repeatedly soaking Llewellyn Principal Joe Galati at the pitching booth of this years early-June Llewellyn Carnival. The play field of Llewellyn Elementary School in Westmoreland was alive with activity, in the late afternoon sun on June 2, as its annual "end-of-the-school-year" fair was underway.

"A lot of schools have fairs for their own kids and families, but the 'Llewellyn Carnival' has always invited everyone from Sellwood, Westmoreland, and surrounding neighborhoods to come for games, entertainment, and food," explained this year's co-organizer, Chris Dolan.

Planning for the carnival begins in earnest at least three months beforehand, Dolan said. "So many parents volunteer all year long, so you'd think they were tired of helping out, but that's not the case – because we have 60 volunteers here today!" he said. "I think it's the fundamental appeal of pitching in at the carnival is for families to have one more great activity to help the school that they like so much."

In addition to creating a rollicking event, the funds raised from sale of merchandise at the carnival helps raise funds that helps the Llewellyn Foundation fund teaching positions, Dolan commented.

Across the school grounds, kids were involved in many games and sports, ranging from tug-of-war to trying to catch water balloons launched by a trebuchet. And, the line was long, as kids waited their turn to "hit the bulls-eye" and drench Llewellyn Principal Joe Galati – repeatedly.

Co-organizer Georgia Maull pointed out that many businesses throughout the greater Sellwood and Westmoreland neighborhood help support the school's event.

"They might be sponsoring the T-shirts' cost of production, coming in to help out with a booth, or bringing their food cart here – all of them are showing their support for us," Maull smiled. "It would be an impossible task without our business community and our volunteers!"

The aroma of food wafted from behind the school where six food carts were serving everything from pizza to burrito bowls, sliders to fusion foods – and right up front was a stand with gourmet flavored candy floss. And who does not like cotton candy?

This elementary school's end-of-the-year celebration was a success – even though lost school days from January snow led the school year to continue on for another couple of weeks, before summer vacation could begin.

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