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GIFFORD FAMILY DENTISTRY  - Todd A. Gifford, DMDIt's no secret that people generally dislike the idea of seeing the dentist for treatment. The sounds, the smells, the injections - plus that awful impression material that makes you gag.

I am continually looking for ways to improve the experience for my family of patients. This month, I integrated the best digital intraoral scanner on the market – 3Shape TRIOS.

Treatment including orthodontics, crowns and implants require impressions. With 3Shape TRIOS®, I can make those required impressions with a small video camera in just a few minutes.

Benefits include the following:

- No more gagging or gooey mess, so it's more comfortable for you

- Your final appliances are completed faster because lab work can begin moments after the impression is taken.

- Full-color digital impression appears on screen as it is being taken, so you see what the dentist sees in real time.

- No pre-impression powders in the mouth are used, unlike other digital impression systems.

Greater accuracy than traditional impressions for a better fit and fewer adjustments at time of delivery.

- Automatically takes a custom shade for that exact match you want.

Sound good to you? Call today to schedule your new-patient appointment!

Learn more about this amazing intraoral scanner technology by viewing the video at

We look forward to making a positive change in how you view dental appointments.

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