A sign in the window of Kerwin's repair shop announces his departure for a 'red state' where he can live among Trump supporters

REVIEW PHOTO - A sign in the window of Kevin 'The Geek' Kerwin's computer repair store announces his intention to leave Lake Oswego and set up shop in a 'Red State.'Kevin "The Geek" Kerwin, who gained national notoriety because of the provocative signs he routinely posted in the window of his computer repair shop, has a new message for Lake Oswego: "Goodbye."

"Thank you Lake Oswego for 10 years of Awesome," reads the latest poster in Kerwin's State Street store window. "I've moved my Shop to a Red State so I can enjoy the next 8 years with my fellow deplorables — Go Trump. We Won Get Over It."

Other than that sign, Kerwin's windows are covered over and a smaller sign on the door simply says that "Kevin the Geek Computer Repair has moved."

Kerwin, who lived and worked in New Orleans before moving to Lake Oswego in 2006, said he departed on Tuesday for a red state where he can "be among people of my caliber."

"I'm putting my shop in a red state," he told The Review on Wednesday, "and I'm going to live the good life for the next eight years, celebrating Trump instead of defending him."

He said he won't publicly reveal his destination in order to prevent liberals from coming to "harass" him at the new location.

Kerwin drew a firestorm of criticism recently when he announced that he was organizing a "March 4 Trump" rally in Lake Oswego. Opponents immediately pointed not only to his history of provacative signs but also to a series of posts on social media in which Kerwin used racial epithets and vulgar language in reference to women, African Americans and Muslims.

Kerwin and the event's other organizers parted ways several days before the march, but not before Portland-area activist groups joined local officials and Lake Oswego residents in calling for a response.

The result: dueling political rallies in downtown Lake Oswego on March 4, including a "Stand for LOve" event in Millennium Plaza Park. Part of the Trump march's planned route was blocked by a group of protesters, some of whom were masked.

Kerwin said that while he thought the Trump march was "great," the protesters were the main factor that convinced him to move.

"When I'm standing in front of my shop with two armed police officers protecting me from the liberals, I said, 'I don't want to live like this anymore,'" he said. "Liberals can have Portland. I'm tired of being in a blue state."

(The Review spoke to the officers in question on the day of the march; they said they were keeping watch on the entire street rather than solely Kerwin's store.)

When asked if he had a final comment, Kerwin declared that anarchist protesters are "mental midgets" and that "liberals are the most miserable people I've ever, ever, ever met."

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