On the last day of November, my friend and I were driving through Multnomah Village when two fire trucks passed us, sirens blaring, and pulled over at the Raleigh Hills/Garden Home Curves gym.

At the time, we didn’t think much of it, joking that if we ever set foot in a gym we’d probably need emergency assistance too.

Only when I checked my work email that night did I read a Portland Police news release and learn that emergency vehicles had congregated at Curves because earlier that day a man had been dropped off there after being stabbed in a nearby apartment.

That release is included in this issue’s police briefs, but you, my reader, deserve more than that.

I should have followed those sirens. I should have sought interviews with emergency responders and witnesses and taken photos to accompany the story I should have then been equipped to write.

New as I am to the journalistic profession, I need to have the keen instincts and news judgment of a seasoned reporter. And while technically a part-time job, being lead reporter for The Southwest Community Connection is a full-time responsibility. I’ve been entrusted with keeping you informed about what’s happening in our neck of the woods, but I didn’t; I let you down.

Now, a month later, 2012 has come to an end and we are penning New Year’s resolutions for 2013.

This is mine:

No matter what I do in my personal life, I resolve never to “clock out” from The Southwest Community Connection. If I am in any of the 17 neighborhoods that comprise Southwest, I will always be mindful of how the things I observe could affect its residents. And I will be on the lookout for stories that need to be told.

Of course, even though I will do my best to keep all incidents of significance on my radar, the best judge of what’s significant in Southwest is not me, but you. So I’ve taken the liberty of writing a resolution for you too: Keep being the Southwest community, and help me be your connection. Give me a call or shoot me an email if something scares, scintillates or surprises you. Let me know what you’re proud of, tell me what you think needs to be improved and, like a good lead reporter, I will follow your lead.

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