City issues police chief 30-day notice to terminate contract without cause

GreisenThe city of Scappoose on Tuesday, April 8, notified Scappoose Police Chief Doug Greisen it was terminating its employment contract with him, according to a press release from the city.

While the notice issued to Greisen states he is being terminated without cause, the action comes on the heels of multiple internal investigations into his conduct as chief. Greisen has been on a paid leave of absence since September pending the outcome of the investigations.

The city expects the termination to be effective May 8, according to the press release. The termination provides Greisen with a 60-day severance payment, the release said.

The decision brings to conclusion two investigations into Greisen stemming from allegations he ran a hostile workplace and the discovery of bank records tied to an unauthorized account and cash found in a locked drawer in his office.

Greisen was also issued an unpaid two-week leave of absence in September for mismanaging a police chase in February 2013, wherein he broke 10 departmental policies by authorizing a subordinate officer to ram a fleeing vehicle at speeds considered to be the use of lethal force.

Since he was placed on leave in September, Greisen has received his monthly salary, a figure that totaled $56,851 as of March 25, according to records obtained by the Spotlight. Greisen’s annual salary as police chief was $102,681, according to city budget documents.

Read more in the Friday, April 11, issue of The Spotlight.

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