Fashion Mystique sends message that bullying can't stifle community's spirit

by: PHOTO COURTESY OF TRINA ROMERO-HASH - Trina Romero-Hash, owner of Fashion Mystique, stands before plywood used to replace the business' smashed window. Romero-Hash and her friends included on the plywood a message to the alleged vandals. Following its effort to raise money for an organization focused on bullying prevention, the front window of a St. Helens business was smashed in late Saturday night, May 24.

Trina Romero-Hash, owner of the clothing and accessory shop, Fashion Mystique, said glass from the smashed window damaged some of the store’s merchandise.

Romero-Hash said her surveillance camera caught two people walking by the window Saturday night, followed closely by a third who was on a bicycle. The bicyclist, she said, busted the window and kept riding.

Romero-Hash said she had been holding a benefit earlier in the day in which she donated 100 percent of her sales to Bully Proof, a nonprofit aimed at preventing bullying and suicide.

“I didn’t think it was enough, so I added $100 of my own as well,” she said of the amount raised Saturday.

Romero-Hash estimated the damage at around $2,000 and added that shards of broken glass sliced two dresses, a pair of pants and some shirts.

She has plans for some of the damaged clothing, however.

“One of the dresses that was cut, I patched the hole and put cute flowers on it,” she said. “I plan on raffling it off and will donate the proceeds to Bully Proof to help prevent suicides and bullying. ... I’m not backing down.”

She said raffle tickets for the dress will be $1 each.

Romero-Hash said she wasn’t sure about the motive of the suspects, other than to say, “I think they were bored. They busted it and kept going.”

While no arrests were made, Romero-Hash said law enforcement was at the scene Sunday morning and is currently looking into the incident.

She continued, “My landlord has to pay for the window. All the money comes out of her pocket and she’s, like, the nicest lady ever.”

Romero-Hash said her friends Jennifer Leal and Stephanie Patterson helped her replace the broken window with plywood, along with a message to the vandals that reads, “You can’t break my spirit. Friendship + community can’t be broken.”

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