Science Explorers hour at Scappoose Public Library offers hands-on experiments to test floating aluminum boats

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Callie Campbell, 4, watches as Wendi Andrews throws the final nickel on a small boat made of tin foil. The foil boat sank in water after being weighted with 68 pennies and 11 nickels. Campbell participated in a Science Explorers activity hour called 'What Makes Things Float?' at the Scappoose Public Library Tuesday, March 14.

Four-year-old Callie Campbell peered into a tub of water to watch an aluminum foil boat filled with coins sink beneath the surface. Excitement washed over Campbell's face.

With the help of Wendi Andrews at the Scappoose Public Library, The preschooler waited to see how many coins it would take to sink the makeshift floating boat Tuesday afternoon, March 14.

It turns out the small foil raft could hold more than $1 in change before it met its match with the 11th nickel.

"It took 68 pennies and 11 nickels!" Andrews said.

Campbell was one of a few

who showed up for a Science Explorers activity hour at the library called, "What Makes Things Float?"

"She loves science," Campbell's mother said. "She just got her

first junior science kit from Santa Claus.

At a separate table, student volunteers Matthew Myton, Madison Mobley and Helen Connell, all 13, from Scappoose Middle School showed up and promptly got to work shaping their own tin foil boats. SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Library volunteers from Scappoose Middle School join in on a Science Explorers hour to construct makeshift boats out of aluminum foil and see how much weight they could hold before sinking. Pictured left to right: Madison Mobley, 13, Helen Connell, 13, and Matthew Myton, 13.

Connell offered up her boat first when it came time to test the buoyancy. Campbell watched eagerly as Andrews tossed coins, a plastic brick and a foam flower on Connell's rectangular foil boat.

The science exploration activity is one of several weekly youth programs offered free to the community. Other regular activities include storytime, crafts and book groups.

For more information about library activities, visit the library's website.

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