Scappoose police officers recognized for recent actions while on duty in April

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: COURTNEY VAUGHN - Officers Shaun Barrett, Troy Gainer and Travis Killens are recognized by Scappoose Police Chief Norm Miller (seated below) during a Scappoose City Council meeting Monday, May 15. Each of the officers will receive plaques for recent incidents where they demonstrated excellent judgement and service while on duty.Three Scappoose police officers were recognized by Scappoose Police Chief Norm Miller for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Miller recognized Scappoose School Resource Officer Troy Gainer, Officer Shaun Barrett and Officer Travis Killens with a special presentation before the City Council Monday evening.

"One of the council's goals and my goals was to recognize members of the city who go above and beyond," Miller noted.

He recalled a recent incident on April 12, where Officer Killens was called to the scene of a suicidal woman with a handgun.

Killens was one of several law enforcement officers called to the scene, and St. Helens Police Chief Terry Moss sent a letter of commendation to Killens and several other officers who intervened to prevent the woman from taking her own life.

"It took tremendous courage for the outcome to come out good and not to go above the use of force," Miller told councilors.

The St. Helens police chief also recognized Officer Barrett for a separate multi-agency incident the following day, April 13, involving a reckless RV that crashed into cars along the Sauvie Island Bridge, before making its way up Cornelius Pass Road from Highway 30.

"Officers from all over assisted with the call," Miller noted. "Shaun [Barrett] got there, was asked to go straight up there and help with the scene to help the suspects in the RV."

Moss commended Barrett's help with a dangerous situation.

Finally, Miller recalled a recent medical emergency at Grant Watts Elementary School in Scappoose, where Gainer, who serves as the school resource officer, interviewed an 8-year-old girl who had just witnessed her mother have a seizure.

Gainer was able to keep the young girl calm while asking questions, and reached out the the student's father alerting him to which hospital the woman would be at, preventing him from driving all the way to Columbia County first. The father later thanked the officer for his work that day.

"Troy went above and beyond, tried to locate the father, got ahold of him, told him to stay where he was at and [the father] was basically able to beat the ambulance to the hospital," Miller said.

"To be their chief and work alongside them everyday for the past four years, I get a lot of these letters, which is awesome," Miller said of his staff.

Each of the three officers will receive a plaque recognizing them for their efforts.

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