Rainier woman arraignment set for April 7
by: Columbia County Sheriff's Office, Jan Gleaves —   arraignment reset for April 7 on woman charged with 30 criminal counts, including delivery of marijuana to a minor and witness tampering

Columbia County Circuit Judge Steven Reed on Monday postponed by a week the arraignment of a Rainier woman who in March was indicted on multiple criminal counts, including sex abuse of a minor.

A grand jury indicted Jan Gleaves, 39, on March 13 of 30 criminal counts, including felony delivery of marijuana to a minor and misdemeanor contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.

Gleaves is asking for court-appointed legal counsel, though she appeared Monday without legal representation. The arraignment hearing was set over till Monday, April 7, after she has been assigned an attorney.

Gleaves requested an allowance to attend her 13-year-old son's baseball games, and to allow him to have friends over for visitation. Those requests were denied, however, largely due to Columbia County Deputy District Attorney John Berg's objections.

In particular, Gleaves said her inability to attend her son's games will pose a hardship for him.

'That one's harder since I have no family here,' she said.

After Reed set over the arraignment, Gleaves sat near the front of the courtroom and dabbed at tears as she filled out paperwork to be assigned a defense attorney.

Gleaves, an employee with the St. Helens School District, was the target of a joint law enforcement investigation involving the St. Helens and Rainier police departments in December. Gleaves has been on administrative leave since her arrest last winter.

No St. Helens students are believed to be involved in this case.

Investigators pieced together a case on Gleaves based on information discovered by the mother of the alleged minor victim on a MySpace Web site that implied an inappropriate relationship between her son and Gleaves.

She is facing:

Four counts of delivering marijuana to a minor.

Seven counts of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor.

Four counts of third-degree sexual abuse.

Fourteen counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor.

One count of witness tampering.

Delivery of marijuana to a minor is a felony charge carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail and a $300,000 fine. All other charges are Class A misdemeanors, carrying possible one-year jail sentences and $1,000 fines.

As part of her conditional release, Gleaves is prohibited from using intoxicants and from having contact with minors, or attending events frequented by minors. She was additionally prohibited from having contact with four minors, including the alleged victim.