While I share Wayne Mayo's disdain for mandated political correctness, his comment that the decision to ban Native American mascots in our public schools was 'a waste of time' should raise a red flag for those considering him as a potential county commissioner.

The decision to ban Native American mascots comes after months of deliberations and testimony from all sides of the issue. This is how our political system is supposed to work: it's called the democratic process.

In Wayne's world, the democratic process is a waste of time unless Wayne personally approves the outcome.

When Mayo hypocritically urges the 'thought police' to 'do something truly useful,' he speaks from experience. Mayo sought to censor a St. Helens High School theatrical production of the Broadway musical 'Rent' because it offended his delicate homophobic sensibilities and narrow self-righteous religious ideology.

Obviously Mr. Mayo is comfortable with the concept of 'thought police,' provided Wayne Mayo gets to be the police chief.

I can appreciate how Mayo's candidacy might appeal to voters who yearn for the 'good old days,' say the 16th or 17th century. However, even if one is less than satisfied with the incumbent commissioners, it makes little sense to 'throw the bums out' only to replace them with the gang who couldn't shoot straight.

Jeff Campbell, Scappoose

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