Sickened with LaRouche supporters

I was sickened to see what I assume was a group of LaRouche activists set up in front of the Scappoose Post Office this morning, on an otherwise lovely early spring day. To compare our president to Hitler is repulsive, and, to me, reveals this group to be in line with Neo-Nazism, attempting to dilute history and Hitler’s singular type of evil.

Reading up on LaRouche, I see he has also expressed, over many years, in print and interviews, the most disgusting kinds of racist viewpoints I’ve ever read. These people have the right to be there and to express their opinions, but they compel me to express mine, and they strengthen even more my commitment to justice and equality for everybody, and an end to racism, sexism and all other blatant forms of hatred.

Kate Raina


Be sure before you dig

Spring is in the air, and gardeners in our beautiful part of the country will soon roll up their sleeves to get started on long-awaited yard work.

If that work includes digging, NW Natural wants to remind you to call 811 — the Utility Notification Center — to locate underground gas and other underground utility lines.

This is a free service, and it’s not only a smart thing to do to help prevent damage: It’s the law. Once you call, a technician will visit the property within two business days to locate your gas and utility lines.

If a gas line has been accidentally damaged, remember these tips: Smell. Go. Let us know. If you smell rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound, immediately leave the area on foot and then call NW Natural’s 24-hour emergency line at 800-882-3377.

Be safe this spring, and be sure to call before you dig.

Scott Gallegos

NW Natural Compliance Supervisor

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