After reading the article in the Spotlight dated Jan. 4, I feel a need to respond to comments made about the health district.

Let me say that as the author of 5-209, I have knowledge on the subject. There have been so many incorrect and misinformed statements made, including some in this article.

As the Columbia Health District board, it seems that at the time they were sworn into office they had all records pertaining to the finances of this district. They also had the power to request bank records of November 2010-January 2011, so as to know what happened to those funds. They were in control from July 1, 2011, when they took office until Oct. 13, 2011, when by resolution, the CHD board relinquished control to the Board of County Commissioners as trustees. This action included books, records, bank accounts, and all assets, to include disposal of the property. Orgeon laws (ORS 198:955 and 198:945) describe the process to dissolve the district as trustees.

After signing the resolution, how can Ms. Tammy Maygra, the self-acclaimed chair of the CHD board, believe she still is custodian of the district, when the CHD board signed its power away on Oct. 13?

In my opinion there is no more health district.

Now, Ms. Maygra as of Dec. 12, 2011, writes a new resolution to appoint Brady Preheim and Joe Cason, which is family and close connection to board members, as trustees.

According to their by-law, it's a conflict of interest. Besides, her resolution does not meet the Oregon statute (ORS 198:930) which states trustees to be: 'another district, or county service district, or county in which district is located.'

It would seem that this group should have done better homework. This new CHD board took office with a single focus, an audit to show where the money had gone and nothing else. They had power to change things, but couldn't see the trees for the forest.

In my opinion, everyone should stop mud-slinging because it will cost the taxpayers more money.

Be patient.

Allow the system to work.

I intend to stay on the backs of the county commissioners to see that things benefit the voters.

- Thelma Bonar, Warren

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