For Speedy, a requiem

Speedy, the beloved 60-year-old turtle at Grant Watts School, has reached the end of her life. We students have come to love her in the library, where she modeled quiet behavior. Mrs. Moore took excellent care of Speedy for six years. According to Luke, a second grader, “Speedy was lucky because everyone in our whole school loved her.” Alana reported, “Speedy never set a bad example.” Perhaps Tatianna summed it up best when she quipped, “Speedy was the best turtle any school could have ... she was not hyper or wild.” We at Grant Watts will treasure her in our hearts. We are grateful to the many librarians who cared for her.

Mr. Rick Weber’s second-grade class

Grant Watts Elementary School


Death from above

Look up.

Our skies are being poisoned by the federal government and it’s vital it’s stopped now. There is no more time to waste. The weather is no longer natural. It’s called aerosol geoengineering or chemtrails.

I call it murder.

They are spraying chemicals in our air and it’s the reason the planet is warming. (They are also spraying around the world and our planet is dying due to it.) I have been documenting our skies for almost a year now and am writing a book about it. It’s real and it’s bad, folks.

My dear friend, Dane Wigington, is a major player in stopping this and he has a wonderful website that has everything you need to know about this matter. It’s up to you and I and every American to stop it. The website is

Please educate yourself on this matter and help stop it. My Facebook page is “Let Nature Bee.” It’s new, so please like and share with all you know.

This is our air and we must protect it from such evil. The American people are not lab rats or guinea pigs for some science project. (Nor is any human being.) Remember, you and those you love and care about are breathing this air and it must be safe.The spraying of chemicals are linked to many illnesses.

Have you been sick with the chemtrail flu? How about chronic fatigue? What about being irritable without reason? Look up and thank the government. What right do they have to poison us?

Dane and I were talking and he said mankind does not have much time left if we dont stop it. I said I predict 20 years and he said that is being optimistic. This is dire, friends, and together we can stop it.

Norma Stevens

St. Helens

Vote for Mayo in May

People of Columbia County: I am asking that you consider electing Wayne Mayo for Columbia County commisioner. I go to a lot of meetings in this community and Wayne is at most of them with his concerns and input. He seems to care very much about this community that he has raised something, like, 39 kids in — haha — and has ran a business in for quite some time. He is very studious and knowledgable about the issues and what is going on in Columbia County.

We need local leaders with his vested interest that care what happens to our county and I believe that Wayne is the man for the job. Wayne is very approachable and I believe he will remain that way and not just around election time.

If you see Wayne walking down the street or at a construction job somewhere, go ask him some questions. He is a nice guy and I think you will be impressed.

Thank you for reading this and please vote for Wayne Mayo.

Chris Brumbles

Deer Island

Follow the law, judge candidate

Recently, Ms. Agnes Petersen attempted to get her name on the ballot for Columbia Circuit Court judge. After the Elections Department denied her filing because she was not qualified, Petersen filed a motion with the court. After a hearing, the court agreed with the Elections Department that she was not qualified.

The Oregon Constitution and the Oregon laws mandate that a judge must retire at age 75. If elected, she would not be sworn in. Petersen does not agree with the state constitution and laws of the state of Oregon.

Nonetheless, Petersen is now representing to Columbia County voters that she is qualified to hold the position of judge by encouraging a write-in campaign.

Petersen is not qualified for the position. Period. Her campaign to be elected to a position that she is not qualified to accept is an abuse of the election process and demonstrates disregard for the laws of Oregon.

Finally, Petersen and incumbent Judge Jean Martwick are campaigning in this election together. To this voter, I think a sitting judge would be disinclined to assist or appear to assist a candidate in the game of dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

I do not want a judge on the bench that believes the laws of Oregon do not apply.

Bobbie Crousser

St. Helens

Opposed to coal

As a Portland business owner, I oppose coal export terminals in the Columbia River Gorge and encourage other businesses to do the same.

These projects would make Oregon the largest coal exporter in North America, endangering our health, recreation, environment, agriculture and more. Studies show coal would be extremely costly for Oregon without a corresponding return on investment.

Our sustainable Northwest economy benefits all of us, but coal exports would sacrifice this long-term strength of the many for the short-term gain of a very few rail, energy, and financial companies. Demand for coal is dropping around the world, and these companies will not stay to clean up their damage when the money spigot stops flowing.

Coal export terminals would be a crushing blow to the environmental and business values of our region, but our voices matter. I urge all Northwest people and businesses to speak out on this critical issue, and I ask Gov. Kitzhaber to deny these coal export terminal permits.

Oregon businesses are leading the way toward a clean and green future, but coal is a step backward from that vision. It’s an expensive, dangerous step we can, and should, avoid.

Tom Dwyer

Owner & ASE Master Technician

Tom Dwyer Automotive Services


Contract Publishing

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