Letters to the editor for the July 18, 2014 issue

Blackberry brigade

It is my understanding that the Scappoose Police Department was instructed to have officers remove blackberry bushes from a yard of a person who is self-diagnosed as being handicapped. I believe that the taxpayers of the city of Scappoose would be better served if the officers were allowed to perform the duties that they were hired to do and not also have to be landscapers. If this indeed is going to be part of their job description duties, there are houses throughout Scappoose, which there are two in my area that needs blackberries removed from yards, but I don’t think there will be much police work accomplished till this landscape work is completed.

If the officers volunteered this blackberry removal on their own time than there would be no problem, but it is my understanding this was not the case.

Robert M. Lalande


Thanks for the memories

I enjoyed John Brewington’s recent column (see “Some things never change, like Little League bosses” July 4) so much I just had to send you a note telling you so.

Being involved in Little League as league vice president, president and player agent, I became very involved with the District 1 administration. I always tried to be “politically correct,” trying to get along and, at the same time, get them to quit seeing us as one of the “down river teams.” Seriously, that’s how they referred to Columbia County. Being married to a coach didn’t help matters.

Being 11 years removed from all of that it had kind of blurred my memories — until the paper came on Saturday. We all had a good laugh.

Thanks, John. We miss you as a sports reporter.

Carol Eckart

Columbia City

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