I was humbled and reminded again that Christmas is not about getting, but giving

I had an unexpected Christmas blessing while shopping at Safeway about 10 days ago. A little boy about five years old came up to me and handed me an envelope, saying it was for me. A woman, who I assume was his mother, and probably an older brother were standing back, watching.

As soon as I accepted the envelope, his mother urged him to leave.

After they left, I opened the envelope and found a card, some dollar bills and a penny. I saw the mother and child in the store again and gave him a hug, but I was so overwhelmed that I didn't find out who he was or thank him properly. I'm hoping his mother will see this letter. I want her to tell the little boy that I gave the money to a family in our church who I knew could use it to add to their Christmas joy. I want him to know that his thoughtful and generous gesture not only helped this family, but also changed my whole out-look on Christmas this year.

. It's not about making an impression on others with our house and entertaining. It's not even primarily about family, although that is a big part of our celebration. It's about God demonstrating His love for us by sending His Son, Jesus, to earth as a gift for mankind. Jesus was God in human form, living a perfect life and ultimately giving His life for all who would choose to follow Him. God bless you, little boy. Your mother is doing a wonderful job of helping you learn what is most important in Christmas and in life.

Ruth Paulson

St. Helens

Contract Publishing

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