Tribe girls second behind rival KU, a team they'll run against at state

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Charlie Davidson (left) and Tia Carnahan did well at the huge Adidas XC Classic Saturday at Fernhill Park in Portland. Carnahan finished seventh and Davidson finished ninth overall. The Scappoose girls were second as a team.
The Scappoose Lady Indians ran an impressive second at the Adidas Cross Country Classic on Saturday at Fernhill Park in Portland, but found out they may have a little work to do if they want to repeat as 4A state champions.

While Scappoose had three girls in the top 20, and four in the top 31, Klamath Union’s Alisha Luna won the race, and KU had their five scoring runners in the top 24.

Tia Carnahan and Charlie Davidson topped the Scappoose effort with seventh and ninth, respectively in the race. Freshman Lucy Davidson, Charlie’s sister, was 20th.

“What a fast course,” Scappoose Coach David Harley said. “Time of year, and top competition makes for great times. The athletes expect to run fast there and usually do. Second place for the girls was very good, and KU looked very good.”

He added, “We just need to keep getting better and working hard. The girls understand that there are three weeks until state and will focus on what they can control in terms of training, rest, and so forth. I think they understand that it is never easy, but they felt good about their races on Saturday and I believe that they will continue to do their best.”

Harley was also impressed by the improvement his boys’ varsity has made, and thinks they may have a shot at making a trip to state.

“I like the way the boys are competing and not backing down to anyone, especially with how young they are,” Harley said. “There were 40+ teams in that race and they competed very aggressively and with determination. They want to do well and are really focused during races. They just ran so well from top to bottom.”

He’s pleased with the effort they are making. “I think that for the boys to be in the position they are currently in says a whole lot about their character, dedication, hard work, and desire to be a good team,” He said. “Four sophomores, two juniors, and a frosh ran Saturday and of that group only one was a varsity runner last season.”

He felt the boys have the “mindset” to making a run for a state berth at district on Oct. 25. The Indians have won district for the last several years, but their two-time district champ is now playing football.

St. Helens also showed some improvement at the meet, taking 15th in the boys’ race and 16th in the girls race. District looms for them next week as well—Oct. 24 at Blue Lake Park.

Saturday results:

Adidas XC Classic

Fernhill Park


Team scores: 1) Klamath Union 55; 2) Scappoose 125; 16) St. Helens, 456.

Scappoose Varsity Individuals: 7) Tia Carnahan; 19:36.7; 9) Charlie Davidson, 19:39.8; 20) Lucy Davidson, 20:23.8; 31) Sarah Carrier, 20:48.0; 80) Anna Hernandez, 21:37.0; 127) Lindsey Marquardt, 22:32.4; 158) Lucia Morud, 23:05.5.

Jayvees: 19) Sadie Krahn, 23:20.9; 51) Ashleigh Lovell, 24:49.5; 91) Ingrid Melgar, 26:25.6; 100) Clare Kessi, 26:48.7; 111) Miranda Raw, 26:59.2; 113) Caley Ricker, 27:01.7; 117) Christy Martens, 27:09.9; 137) Sarah Davison, 27:45.2.

St. Helens Varsity Individuals: 49) Cynthia Fenrich, 21:09.3; 75) Emily Hepworth, 21:29.8; 115) Megan Waite, 22:23.2; 121) Alyna Habel, 22:27.4; 150) Jamie Bradford, 22:58.9; 168) Stephanie Pfau, 23:27.9; 190) Johanna Parkhurst, 24:24.9.

Jayvees: 50) Megan Barnes, 24:48.3; 68) Kiana Pense, 25:37.3; 93) Nivea Plasabas, 26:31.1; 118) Lauren Chambers, 27:11.1.


Team scores: 1) Crater 88; 11) Scappoose 331; 15) St. Helens 382.

Scappoose Varsity Individuals: 16) Hunter Hoyt, 16:52.0; 36) Dan Carrier, 18:18.1; 70) Mason Reardon, 17:52.4; 86) Stephen Gift, 18:07.6; 138) Jacob Harley, 18:35.6; 154) Jim Curtrona, 18:46.2; 179) Damion Hansen, 19:32.5.

Jayvees: 53) Jesse Hanson, 19:42.9; 135) Julian Ribera, 20:47.6; 214) Johnny Kang, 21:59.5; 215) Logan Ross, 21:59.8; 229) Mikal Rekdal, 22:08.7; 238) Silas Bell, 22:16.6; 264) Chase Pixley, 23:10.1.

St. Helens Varsity Individuals: Bryan Strang, 17:02.4; 40) Nathan Reed, 17:27.8; 65) David Sumsion, 17:50.6; 71) Casey Cooke, 17:52.8; 199) Fuller Worman, 19:55.5; 210) Eliazar Lopez, 20:16.2.

Jayvees: 70) Tanner Matlock, 19:564; 154) Corey Wilkendorf, 21:11.4; 195) Josiah Pense, 21:48.0; 259) Josh Ferrell, 23:03.0.

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