Tribe boys quick in sprint relays; St. Helens does well in field events

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Paul Revis (right) and freshman Jarrett White were 1-2 in the 100-meter dash on Saturday at the Lower Columbia Invitational. Scappoose showed speed in the sprints and in the long jump where Justice Oman and Revis finished first and second.The Scappoose boys showed some speed to burn at the Lower Columbia Relays in St. Helens on Saturday, while the Lions exhibited power in the throwing events.

The Tribe was all over the sprints, relays and long jump at the 19-team event. Senior Paul Revis, new to track this season, won the 100 meter dash, took second in the long jump, and anchored the winning 4x100 relay.

The Tribe showed a lot of depth in the sprints. Freshman Jarret White was second in the 100, and third in the 200. Junior Nick Rust was second in the 200 and also ran on the second-place 4x400 relay team.

Justice Oman, one leg of the state champion 4x400 relay team last spring, returned to the team for the first time this year and did not disappoint. He won the 400 meter race, was on the 4x400 relay team, and won the long jump, edging out Revis. The Tribe boys also got a second out of Mick Vanek in the pole vault, and thirds from Asa Flanagan in the high jump and triple jump.

“Terrific performances in several events,” Scappooseby: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Charlie Davidson ran away from the field in the 800 at the Lower Columbia Invitational on Saturday. She also won the 400 in a meet with Banks last week. coach David Harley said. “We showed our strength in the boys results in the sprints and relays where our guys ran very fast, and very well. Having Justice (Oman) back and the performances he had in his first meet were outstanding. The girls had some good performances also – notably Eleanor (Jones), Haley Wight, Charlie (Davidson), and Carly (DiPietro) in the PV. Tia (Carnahan) and Abby (Kessi) ran very well in just their second meet and appear to be right where they need to be at this point in the season.”

The Tribe girls didn’t fare as well in the sprints, but showed some of their distance strength. Junior Charlie Davidson, third in state in the 800, cruised to a win in that event Saturday. She skipped the 1,500, where she has been second and first at state. Abby Kessi, a junior, was edged out of second by St. Helens’ Patience Marshall, also a junior, in the 800. The Lady Indians’ Tia Carnahan, a senior, ran a solid third in the 3,000, while Carly DiPietro, a senior, took second in the pole vault. Freshman Eleanor Jones had a third in the 100 high hurdles and fourth in the 300 hurdles.

“As far as the athletes are concerned, there were a lot of great races on the track and close competitions in the field,” St. Helens coach Gerry Tinkle said. “Our boys had a great day in the discus taking 1st, 2nd, and 5th. Nathan Reed threw well in by: JOHN BREWINGTON - St. Helens Nate Reed is breaking new ground for the Lions with his javelin and also in discus. Reed set a new javelin record in the the decades-old Lower Columbia Invitational on Saturday with a toss of 173-feet, 7-inches.the javelin too and set a new meet record at 173-7 (he had a new javelin). Kylie Reinholdt won the triple jump, Thomas Hughes took second in both hurdles. Alyssa Holz placed second in the HJ although the height wasn’t very good. It was a little too cold for good marks in the jumps. Our 4x100 relays looked good. Our 4x400 relays had fun and for the most part we stayed dry after a little rain in the first hour.”

The best events for the St. Helens’ boys were the discus and javelin. Nate Reed, a senior, won both events. He went 173-7 in the javelin for a personal best. Nick Dummer was second in the javelin for the Lions and Corey West was second in the discus.

Marshall’s second in the 800 was the best running event finish by far for the Lady Lions. Junior Kylie Reinholdt’s first in the triple jump topped the field events. Alyssa Holz, a junior, won the high jump, and Dana Sukau, a senior, was third in the javelin.

St. Helens hosted Parkrose this past Wednesday, while Scappoose was at Yamhill-Carlton on Thursday. Both the Lions and Indians are at the Wilsonville Invitational this Saturday. The Lions travel to Rex Putnam on Wednesday, and Scappoose hosts Tillamook this coming Thursday.

St. Helens, Scappoose results:


100—1) Paul Revis (Sc), 11.39; 2) Justice Oman (Sc), 11.53; 8) Braden Clark, 12.05; 19) Kamaron Ebrahimi (SH), 12.39; 24) Giovani Carugo (SH), 12.64; 42) Eduardo Estrada (SH), 13.15. 200—2) Nick Rust (Sc), 23.68; 3) White (SC), 23.91; 5) Matt Shoun (Sc), 24.13; 16) Ebrahimi, 25.46; 20) Carugo, 25.70. 400—1) Oman (Sc), 52.09; 12) Joey Krupsky 9Sc), 55.81; 5) Kendrick Alvarez (SH), 54.16. 800—6) Mychal Hortert (Sc), 2:05.02; 11) Casey Cooke (SH), 2:15.31; 19) Jacob Harley (Sc), 2:22.70; 24) Matthew Kulp (Sc), 2:27.70; 17) Jessie Vanderwall, 2:19.78. 1,500—11) Bryan Strang (SH), 4:28.06; 12) Mason Reardon (Sc), 4:30.22; 26) Jim Cutrona (Sc), 4:59.24; 28) Tanner Matlock (SH), 5:05.78; 29) Stephen Vanderhoff, 5:10.92. 3,000—7) Dan Carrier (Sc), 9:44.74; 12) David Sumsion (SH), 10:11.20; 16) Tanner Boyle (SH), 10:14.09; 29) Fuller Worman (SH), 11:09.18. 110 High Hurdles—2) Thomas Hughes (SH), 16.29; 6) David Krupsky (Sc), 18.53. 300 Hurdles—2) Jadyn Harris (Sc), 42.15; 3) Hughes (SH), 42.52; 5) Kyle Kramer (Sc), 45.22; 8) Michael Lohman (Sc), 46.07; 12) Evan Holter (SH), 48.07. 4x100 Relay—1) Scappoose (Harris, Shoun, Clark, Revis), 45.71; 3) St. Helens (Jeff Steinke, Matthew Cox, Hughes, Ebrahimi), 46.72. 4x400 Relay—2) Scappoose (Hortert, Rust, Revis, Oman), 3:30.83; 7) St. Helens (Steinke, Strang, Nate Reed, Alvarez), 3:44.52.

Shot Put—5) Kenny Klippel (Sc), 42-3; 8) Jacob Zartman (SH), 41-6.5; 17) Matthew Denakis (SH), 37-2; 20) Bryon McFeron, 34-8; 22) Zilen Nichols (SH), 34-6; 23) Jabin Pedro (Sc), 34-2. Discus—1) Reed (SH), 135-10; 2) Corey West (SH), 132-0; 5) Denakis (SH), 115-11; 11) Klippel (Sc), 103-8; 15) Pedro (Sc), 97-5; 28) Taylor Heaton (Sc), 84-6. Javelin—1) Reed (SH), 173-7; 2) Nick Dummer (SH), 154-7; 4) Klippel (Sc), 146-10; 9) Dillion Crook (SH), 126-0; 17) Mick Vanek (Sc), 112-9; 25) Tyler Schillereff (Sc), 103-10. High Jump—3) Asa Flanagan (Sc), 5-4. Pole Vault—2) Mick Vanek (Sc), 12-0; 6) Jessie Vanderwall (SH), 10-6. Long Jump—1) Justice Oman (Sc), 20-4; 2) Revis (Sc), 20-0; 4) Steinke (SH), 18-0.25; 7) Chris Gray (SH), 17-9;15) Michael Herbst (Sc), 16-11. Triple Jump—3) Flanagan (Sc), 38-8; 7) J. Krupsky (Sc), 37-2.5; 10) Kramer (Sc), 35-9.5; 14) Eduardo Estrada (SH), 33-3.5.


100—9) Kayleigh Horecky (Sc), 14.07; 16) Sandra Hales (Sc), 14.5; 19) Nicole Andreotti (Sc), 14.65; 24) Lydia Reardon (SH), 14.95; 25) Clair Nam (SH), 15.06. 200—13) Haley Wight (Sc), 29.99; 21) Andreotti, 31.20; 22) Horecky, 31.48; 23) Makayla Grigsby (SH), 31.61; 26) Nam (SH), 32.08; 27) Krysta Welch (SH), 32.14. 400— 5) Wight (Sc), 1:05.98; 10) Sydney Nett (SH), 1:06.50; 21) Annika Bingaman (SH), 1:11.54. 800—1) Charlie Davidson (Sc), 2:23.25; 2) Patience Marshall (SH), 2:29.69; 3) Abby Kessi (Sc), 2:29.90; 21) Jenny Vardanega (Sc), 2:57.24. 1,500—15) Lyndsey Marquardt (Sc), 5:52.60; 23) Macy Gray (Sc), 6:20.33; 27) Jennifer Prevish (SH), 6:57.28. 3,000—3) Tia Carnahan (Sc), 11:27.93; 9) Amy Sumsion (SH), 12:29.60; 15) Megan Barnes (SH), 13:29.20; 16) Stephanie Pfau (SH), 13:30.13; 18) Caley Ricker (Sc), 13:57.61. 100 Hurdles—3) Eleanor Jones (Sc), 17.31; 8) Alyna Habel (SH), 18.35; 16) Abby Flanagan (Sc), 18.92; 21) Phylicia Haigh (Sc), 57.32; 28) Gabby Hora (SH), 21.58; 32) Angela Willson (SH), 22.30. 300 Hurdles—4) Jones (Sc), 50.30; 9) Flanagan (Sc), 54.44; 16) Haigh (Sc), 57.32; 18) Hora (SH), 57.71; 26) Willson (SH), 1:05.0. 4x100 Relay—4) St. Helens (Jillian ross, Habel, Kylie Reinholdt, Nett), 53.72; 7) Scappoose (Horecky, Jones, Grabhorn, Haigh), 54.87.4x100 Relay—3) Scappoose (Wight, Kessi, Jones, Davidson), 4:20.74; 9) St. Helens (Marshall, Nett, Mikayla Grigsby, Reardon), 4:40.03.

Shot Put—8) Dana Sukau (SH), 27-2.5; 11) Regan Duarte, 26-7.5; 15) M’Kenzie Brookes (SH), 25-2; 18) Arden Jones (Sc), 24-3.5; 21) Lyndsey Huff (Sc), 24-2. Discus—4) Chelsee Rennie (SH), 86-0; 6) Sukau (SH), 81-4; 7) Emily Scherdnik (Sc), 80-8; 18) Duarte (SH), 66-0; 22) Lyndsey Huff (Sc), 49-9. High Jump—2) Alyssa Holz (SH), 4-8; 5) Jessie Powell (Sc), 4-6; 8) Sarah Davison (Sc), 4-4. Pole Vault—2) Carly DiPietro (Sc), 8-0. Long Jump—7) Horecky (Sc), 14-6; 12) DiPietro (Sc), 13-6.75; 15) Krysta Welch (SH), 13-0.25; 16) Nam (SH), 12-9; 21) Bingaman (SH), 12-4.25; 25) Andreotti (Sc), 11-11.5. Triple Jump—1) Kylie Reinholdt (SH), 34-4.75; 11) DiPietro (Sc), 29-10; 22) Willson, Reardon (SH), 26.8.5; 27) Julia Grabhorn (Sc), 25-11.25.

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