Scappoose runs past visiting 'Mooks, sets sights on district

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Charlie Davidson broke the 400 school record in last week's meet and is now the record holder in the 400, 800, 1,500 and 4x400 relay.It was a low key race with just two entries and the Tribe’s Charlie Davidson made it look easy cruising to a win with a school-record 59.77 seconds.

The record was junior Davidson’s third individually and the fourth as a part of last year’s 4x400 relay team that took third in state.

Since joining the varsity her freshman year, Davidson has added her name to the Scappoose High track record books four times.

Davidson burst upon the state track scene with her stunning come-from-behind win in the 1,500 at state her freshman year. She also placed in the 800. She’s recorded records now in the 400, 800 (2:17.55), 1,500, 4:46.99, and as a part of the long relay (4:08.5). Also on that team were Elise Harley, Julia Grabhorn, and Ariel Viera.

“It’s not unusual for an athlete to hold records in some combination of the 400/800/4x4 or 200/400/4x4, but I can’t think of anyone having such range to be able to add a 1,500 to the mix,” Scappoose coach David Harley said.

The coach said that with her opening season 10:51 in the 3K set over a month ago, she is now in the top six of the 4A ranks from 400-3,000 meters. She also ran a 200 just a couple of weeks back. The only events she hasn’t been in are the 100, hurdles, and 4x100 relay.

“She has obviously excelled in many different ways with her running, and add in a top-10 finish last fall in XC, she certainly has shown ability beyond any runner that we have had come through here, certainly that I have coached,” Harley said. “The coaches that I have talked with are most impressed with that range and flexibility, and the fact that she appears to be getting stronger each season. Hopefully she will stay healthy and we can keep things moving in the right direction, especially as she races with elite level competition Saturday, next Friday, and in Cottage Grove in two weeks.”

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Jadyn Harris has been tough to beat in the 300 hurdles this season.The Indians went to the high-powered Centennial meet over the weekend and Harley had toyed with the idea of her running a 3,000 for a fast time if she didn’t qualify against the big schools in the 800. She did qualify and ran that race.

In the dual against Tillamook on Thursday, Harley was pleased with the all-around performance of both the boys and the girls teams.

“Some very nice weather really was a great opportunity for our athletes to get some good marks, and for the most part we did,” Harley said.“Solid efforts all the way around. We are showing steady improvement in some of our targeted areas that we have been working on and that is a good sign.”

Harley noted that Jadyn Harris ran a great 300 intermediate hurdles race and also had a very fast leg on the on the 4x400 “B” team. by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose freshman Eleanor Jones seems to get better every week and is turning in state final times in the 100 and 300 hurdles.

“Arden Jones is really improving fast in the throws and Jessie Powell had a very good pair of wins in the high jump and javelin, as did Kayleigh Horecky in the 100 and long jump,” Harley added.

Several athletes stood out for Scappoose as both the boys and girls pulled away from Tillamook for the win.

Paul Revis won the 100, the long jump, and ran on both winning relays. Justice Oman was first in the 200 and 400, second in the long jump, and on the long relay. Kenny Klippel won the shot, javelin and was second in the discus. Joey Krupsky won the triple jump.

Horecky, a freshman, won both the 100 and 200, plus the long jump, and ran on the winning 4x100 relay to lead the girls. Abby Kessi won both the 800 and 1,500 meter runs.

Scappoose results (top three):


Team scores: Scappoose 84, Tillamook 61

100—1) Paul Revis, 11.42; 2) Jarrett White, 11.61; 4) Jadyn Harris, 11.77. 200—1) Justice Oman, 23.54; 2) White, 23.82; 3) Nick Rust, 23.91. 400—1) Oman, 51.71; 3) Mychal Hortert, 53.28; 5) Matt Shoun, 53.87. 800—3) Dan Carrier, 2:12.97; 4) Mason Reardon, 2:16.56; 7) Stephen Gift, 2:25.63. 1,500—3) Carrier, 4:21.56; 4) Reardon, 4:40.52; 6) Gift, 4:54.29. 3,000—3) Jacob Harley, 10:40.18; 4) Jim Cutrona, 11:19.58; 5) Matthew Kulp, 11:33.57. 110 Hurdles—3) David Kruspky, 18.62; 4) Sam Herscovitz, 19.89. 300 Hurdles—1) Harris, 41.25; 4) Kyle Kramer, 44.61; 5) Michael Lohman, 45.91. 4x100 Relay—1) Scappoose (Carson Davison, Jadyn Harris, Jarrett White, Paul Revis), 44.40. 4x400 Relay—1) Scappoose (Hortert, Revis, Rust, Oman), 3:30.72.

Shot Put—1) Kenny Klippel, 41-2; 4) Jabin Pedro, 38-0; 5) Keenan Stevens, 36-9. Discus—1) Pedro, 118-2; 2) Klippel, 117-3; 7) Blake Wills, 97-8. Javelin—1) Klippel, 159-1; 3) Wills, 133-3; 6) Tyler Schillereff, 126-3. High Jump—2) Asa Flanagan, 5-6; 4) Lohman, 5-2; 5) Kramer, 5-2. Pole Vault—Kyle Nickel, 9-6. Long Jump—1) Revis, 21-5; 2) Oman, 21-1.25; 4) Braden Clark, 19-3.75. Triple Jump—1) Joey Krupsky, 39-4.5; 2) Flanagan, 38-11.5; 3) Kramer, 38-0.5.


Team scores: Scappoose 115, Tillamook 26

100—1) Kayleigh Horecky, 13.53; 3) Nicole Andreotti, 14.31; 4) Sandra Hales, 14.77. 200—1) Horecky, 29.91; 20 Haley Wight, 30.03; 3) Andreotti, 30.59. 400—1) Charlie Davidson, 59.77. 800—1) Abby Kessi, 2:38.61; 2) Sarah Carrier, 2:46.52; 4) Caley Ricker, 2:54.86. 1,500—1) Kessi, 5:29.89; 2) Carrier, 5:41.37; 4) Lindsey Marquardt, 6:02.06. 3,000—2) Jenny Vardanega, 13:32.67. 100 Hurdles—1) Eleanor Jones, 16.99; 2) Abby Flanagan, 18.64. 300 Hurdles—1) Eleanor Jones, 49.17; 2) Flanagan, 52.17. 4x100 Relay—1) Scappoose (Julia Grabhorn, Wight, Jones, Horecky), 53.75. 4x400 Relay—1) Scappoose (Davidson, Flanagan, Jones, Wight), 4:22.15.

Shot Put—1) Arden Jones, 26-6; 5) Lyndsey Huff, 25-6.25; 8) Sarah Jennings, 23-11. Discus—1) A. Jones, 90-8; 2) Emily Scherdnik, 76-0; 3) Huff, 62-6. Javelin—1) Jessie Powell, 85-1; 2) Hailee Holmason, 81-4; 5) Huff, 65-3. High Jump—1) Powell, 4-8; 2) Davison, 4-4. Pole Vault—1) Carly DiPietro, 8-0; 2) Grabhorn, 6-6. Long Jump—1) Horecky, 15-11; 3) DiPietro, 15-1; 4) Andreotti, 13-6. Triple Jump—1) DiPietro, 32-0; 3) Grabhorn, 28-7; 4) Kessi, JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Justice Oman won the 400 at last week's meet with JOHN BREWINGTON - Scappoose's Kayleigh Horecky leads the way in the 200 meter dash during last week's match with Tillamook.

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