Three divisions have racers still vying for the top spot in track point standings at the local track

by: JOHN BREWINGTON - Ray Elwess leads the pack during a recent heat race at River City Speedway in St. Helens. Elwess won the main event last Saturday night and moved within a few points of leader Bud Russell. The next race at the Speedway is Aug. 3.The points standings tightened up in some divisions with another round of racing last Saturday night at River City Speedway in St. Helens.

In the Sportsman Division, Bud Russell had just a slim 21-point lead over Ray Elwess in second place. Dan Smith is just 22 points behind Elwess.

Ekwess moved up with a main event win, but Russell was ahead of him in their heat race, and had fast time of the day. Smith won the trophy dash, and was third in the main event to also gain some ground.

One of the tightest races is in the Pacific Mini Sprints. Greg Lane had dominated the early going, but missed a race or two and Josh Pinkowsky moved to the top of the board. Lane is back and he pulled within 17 points with a main event win and fast time. Pinkowsky stayed in front, finishing right behind Lane in the main event, and ahead of him in the heat races.

It’s also really close in the 4-cylinder division where Dick and Chris Gaboury have just a nine-point lead over Brad Ruth. Gaboury is also just off the pace in third, 28 points out of second. Ruth had the fast time, but Gaboury won the main event, while Dick won the trophy dash and was third in the main event.

It’s not so close in the Dwarf Division where Ryan Martinez has dominated all season—just like last year. Martinez had fast time of the day and won the main event. He is 119 points ahead of Kevin Hicks, who was third in the main event.

Todd Newton doesn’t have as commanding a lead in the Street Stock Division, but he is 47 points ahead of second-place Cody Smith. Newton improved his lead with a main event win and first in his heat. Smith had fast time of the day and was third in the main event.

Clark Tenney and Don Jenner continue to lead the Modified Division. Tenney won it all Saturday—fast time, trophy dash, heat and main event.

In the Tracer Division for young racers, Kylee Dorie maintained her lead over Bryce Tenney/Jonathan West, but Tenney gained some ground. He won the trophy dash, heat race and main event. Dorie was second in the main, third in her heat, and fourth in the trophy dash.

Racers return to action this Saturday. Upcoming races are also scheduled for Aug. 17 and the Reser’s Fine Food-sponsored two-day race over Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 31-Sept. 1.

River City Speedway July 27 Race Results

Sportsman Division

Fast time: Bud Russell, 15:573. Trophy Dash: Dan Smith, Devon Reed, Ray Elwess, Bud Russell. 1st Heat: Steffen Strawn, Joel Beehler, Bob Berg, Steven Nusom, Morgan Phippen, Morgan Tenney, Steve Kaptur, Kyle Frelich. 2nd Heat: Lisa Liner, Scotty Wells, Dan Smith, Ric Fors, Bud Russell, Devon Reed, Ray Elwess.

Main: Ray Elwess, Devon Reed, Dan Smith, Ric Fors, Bob Berg, Bud Russell, Steve Kaptur, Steve Nusom, Lisa Liner, Joel Beehler, Kyle Frelich, Scotty Wells, Morgan Tenney, Morgan Phippen, Steffen Strawn.

Street Stock Division

Fast time: Cody Smith, 16:081. Trophy Dash: Derik Beehler, Ryan White, Jeremey Wetherbee, Cody Smith. 1st Heat: Ken Bryan, Curt Zelmer, Kyle Frelich, Bernie Lujan, Dan Sheller. 2nd Heat: Todd Newton, Derik Beehler, Aaron Snook, Ryan White, Jeremey Wetherbee, Cody Smith.

Main: Todd Newton, Derik Beehler, Cody Smith, Aaron Snook, Ryan White, Jeremey Wetherbee, Ken Bryan, Curt Zelmer, Bernie Lujan, Kyle Frelich, Dan Sheller.

Dwarf Car Division

Fast time: Ryan Martinez, 14:583. Trophy Dash: Kevin Hicks, Steve McCleary, Ryan Martinez, Scott Dorie. 1st Heat: Brian Hicks, Lucas Eaton. Brad Hicks, Bill Lamm, Neal Hopwood, Guy Tow, Dan Coutts. 2nd Heat: Jim Dunn, Kevin Hicks, Guy Tow, Jr., Steve McCleary, Ryan Martinez, Scott Dorie, Joe Eaton.

Main: Ryan Martinez, Scott Dorie, Kevin Hicks, Guy Tow, Jr., Steve McCleary, Lucas Eaton, Brad Hicks, Jim Dunn, Guy Tow, Brian Hicks, Dan Coutts, Neal Hopwood, Bill Lamm.

Modified Division

Fast time: Clark Tenney, 14:958. Trophy Dash: Clark Tenney, Curt Zelmer, Aaron Elwess. 1st Heat: Clark Tenney, Curt Zelmer, Aaron Elwess.

Main: Clark Tenney, Aaron Elwess, Rick Graham, Curt Zelmer, Pam Graham, Joey Tardio.

4-Cylinder Division

Fast time: Brad Ruth, 16:284. Trophy Dash: Dick Gaboury, Chris Gaboury, Travis Koch, Brad Ruth. Ist Heat: Kim Oyler, Doug Pirtle, Erica Asher, Ken Schave, T.J. Wagner, Robyn Ruth, Lisa Oyler. 2nd Heat: John Oyler, Chris Gaboury, Gary Brogan, Brad Ruth, Travis Koch, Rick Younger.

Main: Chris Gaboury, Travis Koch, Dick Gaboury, Gary Brogan, Brad Ruth, Erica Asher, Lisa Oyler, Kim Oyler, T.J. Wagner, Doug Pirtle, Ken Schave, Robyn Ruth, John Oyler.

Pacific Mini Sprint Division

Fast time: Greg Lane, 13:039. Trophy Dash: Vinny Villeggiante, Mike Opoka, Sr., Kalista Ross, Duane Beecher. 1st Heat: Eric Dehning, Mike Opoka Sr., Mike Opoka, Jr., Kalista Ross, Duane Beecher. 2nd Heat: Keith Everson, Josh Pinkowsly, Vinny Villeggiante, Greg Lane, Tracey Titus, Bret Lane.

Main: Greg Lane, Josh Pinkowsky, Keith Everson, Tracey Titus, Duane Beecher, Mike Opoka, Sr., Vinny Villeggiante, Kalista Ross, Mike Opoka, Jr., Bret Lane, Eric Dehning.

Tracer Division

Fast time: Olivia McDaniel, 16:88. Trophy Dash: Bryce Tenney, Wyatt Kaptur, Olivia McDaniel, Kylee Dorie. Heat: Bryce Tenney, Olivia McDaniel, Kylee Dorie, Kahley Williams, J.T. Gibson.

Main: Bryce Tenney, Kylee Dorie, Olivia McDaniel, Wyatt Kaptur, Kahley Williams, J.T. Gibson.

Columbia County Racing Association

2013 Points Standings (Top 10)

Sportsman Division

Bud Russell 764

Ray Elwess 743

Dan Smith 721

Brad/Lisa Beehler 639

Ric Fors 584

Joel Beeler 573

Steven Nusom 568

Steffen/Jerry Strawn 548

Kyle Frelich 538

Devon Reed 520

4-Cylinder Division

Dick/Chris Gaboury 734

Brad Ruth 725

Chris Gaboury, Jr. 693

Erica/Danny Asher 642

John Oyler 632

Gary Brogan 619

Kim Oyler 606

Lisa Oyler 594

Fitzgerald/Wegner 510

Robyn Ruth 504

Dwarf Division

Ryan Martinez 829

Kevin Hicks 710

Steve McCleary 632

Lucas Eaton 615

Neal Hopwood 547

Robert O’Neill 518

Chris McCleary 506

James Brinster 494

Joe Eaton 489

Jessica Eaton 426

Modifieds Division

C. Tenney/D. Jenner 655

Jake VanOrtwick 589

Cody Smith 494

Curtis Zelmer 431

Don West 361

Don Jenner 332

Aaron Elwess 195

Brian Blasier 175

Ron Greer 85

T. J. Richman 80

Street Stock Division

Todd Newton 723

Cody Smith 676

Ryan White 641

Derik Beehler 638

Aaron Snook 638

Prettyman/Frelich 628

Prettyman/Wetherbee 552

Jared Haynes 511

Curtis Zelmer 459

Mike Crase 425

Pacific Mini Sprints

Josh Pinkowsky 729

Greg Lane 712

Tracy Titus 683

K. Ross/E. Dehning 617

Mike Opoka, Sr. 543

Vinny Villegiante 532

Duane Beecher 509

Bret Lane 450

Dan Beck 443

Mike Opoka, Jr. 398

Tracer’s Division

Kylee Doree 759

B. Tenney/J. West 684

Kahley Williams 390

Jared Kaiser 293

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