Updates from St. Helens football practice from the week of August 23rd

by: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Quarterback Gage Bumgardner rolls with the ball during 11 on 11 drills at practice on Wednesday. Bumgardner showed his running ability on several plays, as well as good accuracy when throwing the ball.

Lions: Practice picks up pace

Starting quarterback Gage Bumgardner sported a red no-contact jersey this week, as St. Helens strapped on their helmets for the first full practices with pads of the season.

Quarterback watch

Though a few passes here and there went awry, Gage Bumgardner showed an impressive ability to cut and run when needed. His speed and agility will be a vital asset this season when plays break down.

by: JOHN WILLIAM HOWARD - Senior right guard Jacob Zartman (at right) faces off during a one-on-one drill on Wednesday afternoon. Head Coach Jared Phillips has said Zartman could land a college scholarship depending on how he plays this season.Offensive player watch

Senior right guard Jacob Zartman was an absolute force on the offensive line, more or less having his way on nearly every play. In addition to his size, strength and talent, he has also stepped forward as a leader on the playing field and at practice.


Senior wide reciever Devin Jewitt made an impressive spinning catch down the sideline that drew cheers from his teammates. It was one of several such plays, but the one that stood out the most.

Senior running back Tanner Long made a strong run down the near sideline, bowling over a teammate in the proccess, and showing a valuable ability to absorb contact and stay on his feet.

Overall thoughts

Much better feel than last week’s visit. This team looks to have turned a corner. They brought in a clock that counts down the time between each period of practice, and things seemed to have much more flow.

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