St. Helens' 2015 champion follows July 8 sweep with three Sunset Napa Auto Parts wins on July 29

PHOTO COURTESY: TJ WEGNER - TJ Wegner, right, celebrates his second Columbia County Racing Association four-cylinder win in a row with, from left, Dick Gaboury, Linda Williams and Shelby Wegner on Saturday, July 29, at the River City Speedway in his native St. Helens.TJ Wegner's PSP Powder Coating/Economy Auto Parts 2001 Toyota Celica is the hot Four-Cylinder car through six Columbia County Racing Association outings.

Wegner, 31, the 2015 champion of St. Helens, started sixth in the main event and led from the second lap to complete his three-race sweep on Saturday, July 29, at the River City Speedway.

"I just went to the front, and I really pushed my car hard," Wegner said. "I try to go out there and have fun."

Wegner won the trophy dash "right at the checker" and aced the heat race.

He also came back from eighth in the herd and led for good on the 12th of 15 laps in the O'Reilly Auto Parts main on July 8.

"We [the Four-Cylinder guys] all know each other, and if we hit, we apologize," Wegner said. "There's an untold racer quote: 'We can be friends off the track, but on the track I have no friends.'"

Wegner will miss a few races as he goes archery elk hunting in September just outside of John Day, but winning the Four-Cylinder championship isn't vital.

"I'm not worried about the standings," Wegner said. "Obsessing ruins it."

What he's really after is the $750 Big Sky Landscaping International Motor Contest Association Modified Nationals & Great American Hornet Challenge prize at the Willamette Speedway on Aug. 19 in Lebanon.

Above a knowledge of car suspensions, his job at Les Schwab, where he does "basically everything," doesn't give him a particular route to the inside, but he has a flexible schedule.

"Basically they just let me out of work early on Saturdays," Wegner said.

Wegner wasn't the only winner on Saturday: A kid visiting from Wyoming, as Wegner recalls, was one of a gaggle of young fans who got to pick a car to finish first, and Wegner was his favorite.

Wegner gave him a thumbs-up and, after the win, the kid got a trophy too.

Joining Wegner as division leaders in the winner's circle were Teagan Fischer of Warren in the Dwarf Car main, Clyde White of Longview, Wash., in the Sportsman main and Cailyn Farness of Sandy in the Tracer main.

Scott McMullen of St. Helens won the Street Stock main, and Vernonia's Jim Potter won the Modified main.

Racing is scheduled to continue on Saturday, and schedules are online at

Editor's note: Mike Weber, a frequent update writer for the Columbia County Racing Association, contributed to this story.

Columbia County Racing Association

July 29 results by division

Street stock

Heat 1: Scott McMullen, Gary Kordosky Jr., Terry King, Hunter Gollyhorn, Greg Brumbaugh; Heat 2: Justin McMullen, Gary Kordosky Sr., Tom Zywicki, Trevor Lively; Trophy Dash: J. McMullen, S. McMullen, G. Kordosky Sr., G. Kordosky Jr.; Main: S. McMullen, J. McMullen, Zywicki, Brumbaugh, G. Kordosky Sr., King, Gollyhorn, Lively.

Dwarf Car

Heat: Shawn Dorie, Teagan Fischer, Dave Brune, Dustin Reynolds; Trophy Dash: Dorie, Fischer, Reynolds; Main: Fischer, Dorie, Brune, Reynolds.


Heat: Dan Sheller, Jim Potter, Stephen Kaptur; Trophy Dash: Potter, Sheller; Main: Potter, Sheller.


Heat: Clyde White, Devon Reed, Joshua Sheller, Wyatt Kaptur; Trophy dash: White, Sheller, Kaptur, Reed; Main: White, Reed, Sheller, Kaptur.


Heat: Ryan Potter, Cailyn Farness, Wendy Vough, Megan Oyler; Trophy dash: Vough, Farness, Potter, Oyler; Main: Farness, Oyler, Vough, Potter.


Heat 1: TJ Wegner, Bob Berg, Eddie Farness, Joel Davis, Steven Killkelly; Heat 2: Jason Scheibel, Sam Simmet, Jacob Schultz, Natasha Rye; Trophy dash: Wegner, Berg, Scheibel, Farness; Main: Wegner, Simmet, Farness, Schultz, Killkelly, Berg, Davis, Rye.

Point standings


Clyde White 654

Devon Reed 617

Wyatt Kaptur 183

Dan Smith 104

Steven Schreiner 5

Street Stock

Justin McMullen 629

Greg Brumbaugh 563

Tom Zywicki 552

Scott McMullen 529

Gary Kordosky SR 515

Trevor Lively 494 R

Terry King 474

Hunter Gollyhorn 409

Corey West 251

Mike Crase 239

Alan Styles 143 R


Stephen Kaptur 480

Jim Potter 444

Don West 339

Dustin Asher 271 R

Scott Wells 264

Mark Hill 172

Clark Tenney 88

Arnold Norton 85 R


TJ Wegner 654

Bob Berg 626

Joel Davis 559

Eddie Farness 552

Sam Simmet 549

Natasha Rye 428

Jason Scheibel 262

Dan Beaudoin 175

Crystal Temple 83


Teagan Fischer 647

Drew Andexler 280

Steven Schreiner 278

Andrew Wright 267 R

Brandon Braaksma 156 R


Cailyn Farness 434 R

Wendy Vough 420 R

Ryan Potter 296

Trenton Brogan 117 R NM

* R - Rookie

* NM - Non Member

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