Senior forward beats keeper in 15th and 44th minutes of 5-0 win at Chinook Field

SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians senior forward Robby Walsh (4) races Tillamook senior defender Caleb Guerrero (26) to a pass.SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians senior forward Austin Schwalge (21) battles Tillamook senior defender Trew Oliver (6) for a loose ball.SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians sophomore Corbin Edson (20) chases a pass upfield against Tillamook sophomore midfielder Chris Jiminez (15).SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians junior Blake Peterson (6) leaps for a header.SPOTLIGHT PHOTO: JAKE MCNEAL - Indians sophomores Teegan Bond (17) and Ashton Kaufman (12) celebrate Kaufman's goal with seniors Caden Verzino (8) and Robby Walsh (4).

Robby Walsh and Austin Schwalge's senior synergy was enough to get on junior goalkeeper Alejandro Herrera and Tillamook's nerves on Tuesday.

Walsh's 15th-minute header inside the right post rewarded Schwalge's shot from the left and became the halftime lead in a 5-0 win and the Indians' third shutout of the year at Scappoose Middle School's Chinook Field.

The Tribe (5-5 overall, 3-4 Cowapa League) repaid its 1-0 Sept. 23 road loss and broke its three-game slide against the Cheesemakers (3-7, 2-4) that included a single Indians goal and a pair of shutouts.

The win felt especially gratifying on the heels of a 3-0 loss on Thursday, Oct. 5, that sealed a season sweep at No. 3 Seaside.

"[Herrera] was an interesting man," said Schwalge, a forward. "As soon as he decided to hit me in the back while I wasn't paying attention I knew we needed to put him in his place, and we did, not by talking or fighting but by scoring. ... In the end we beat them by more than we beat Banks [4-1 on the road Sept. 26, Scappoose's previous biggest league win of the year], which goes to show that we were the better team, and we are ready for Friday [and a shot at season-sweeping the Braves at 4:15 p.m. at Chinook Field]."

The Tribe has beaten the Braves (1-8, 0-6) in eight of 12 contests by an average score of 3-1 and traded three shutouts for Banks' two since they became league rivals in 2009.

Herrera stopped the Indians at the point of attack early Tuesday, but Walsh landed a shot from the left in the 44th minute and Schwalge struck from the same spot two minutes later.

The keeper took exception to Ashton Kaufman's shot after a whistle on the end of a lead pass from Caden Verzino and shoved Kaufman for a red card and an ejection.

"It was upsetting to see a player get that frustrated during the game," Walsh said. "The keeper was shoving our team throughout the game. I'm just happy the refs noticed it was happening before someone got seriously hurt."

Westin Gonrowski followed a lead pass to a goal in the 71st and Kaufman got the goal he wanted in the 73rd.

"It was really quite nice," Scappoose coach Scott Stanton said. "We have talked about keeping calm heads and letting the refs do their job: If they don't see the foul, politely ask them to watch for it and they'll spot it next time. That mental toughness and our ability to display good sportsmanship ultimately paid off when their keeper was finally caught and got the straight red. It was also nice having one of the top referee evaluators in the area, Garth Bachman, at the game to make sure the refs were also on top of their game."

The Tribe will also try to avenge a 2-1 Sept. 28 home loss to Valley Catholic as it heads for a 7:15 p.m. game with the Valiants and all-league senior midfielder Garret Gilbert and senior defender Rylan Torres Oct. 18 in Beaverton.

The Indians have won five of seven contests by an average of 3-1 and a pair of shutouts since the Valiants came up from Class 3A in 2014.


Tuesday at Scappoose Middle School's Chinook Field


Robby Walsh 15'

Robby Walsh 44'

Austin Schwalge 46'

Westin Gonrowski 71'

Ashton Kaufman 73'

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