Indians best team with 225.5 points over Class 6A Tigard (211), Lions (153) fifth

PHOTO CREDIT: JENI SUE - Indians senior Jack Eggers pins Seaside junior Gavin Meyer in 2 minutes, 22 seconds in the quarterfinals on the way to first at 170 pounds.PHOTO CREDIT: JENI SUE - Scappoose sophomore AJ DeGrande beat Yamhill-Carlton freshman Reily Liesegang 9-7 for first at 106.PHOTO CREDIT: JENI SUE - Tribe senior Isaac Cook, center, won it all at 152 pounds.PHOTO CREDIT: JENI SUE - Indians sophomore Colton Frates won the 113-pound title.PHOTO CREDIT: AMY GADBOIS - Lions senior Caleb Carter pinned Seaside senior Will Kautz in the first round of his third-place heavyweight run.

AJ DeGrande, Colton Frates, Isaac Cook and Jack Eggers led the Indians to the top at the Pacific Rim Armed Forces Tournament Jan. 5-6 in Seaside.

The sophomores and seniors proved the best at 106, 113, 152 and 170 respective pounds as Scappoose led the 15-team field with 225.5 points.

"I thought our team competed extremely well this weekend," Tribe coach Nick Byrd said. "Our toughness level on the mat has improved dramatically in the past few weeks. We lost some matches we could have won and need to improve in order to continue competing at a higher level. I am proud of the way our group is developing: It can be attributed to the great work ethic in the [wrestling] room along with our coaching staff maintaining high expectations across the board."

The Indians' four champions rivaled Class 4A District 1 neighbor Estacada's (seniors Justin Drury (160), Draco Yandell (182), Michael Gamble (220) and junior Hunter Gotchall (285)).

Caleb Carter's third-place heavyweight run lifted St. Helens to fifth (153).

DeGrande improved his record to 20-2 by pinning Knappa freshman Allegre Somoza in the quarterfinal, doing the same to St. Helens junior Joseph Austin in 1 minute, 4 seconds in the semifinal and finishing Yamhill-Carlton freshman Reily Liesegang 9-7 for the championship.

Frates (15-6) took down Ilwaco sophomore Aaron Chetwood in his quarterfinal, took down St. Helens freshman Tristin Buchanan by 16-1 semifinal technical fall and got the better of Class 5A Tigard sophomore Cameron O'Connor 7-5 for the title.

"I liked bonding with the entire team and getting closer to everyone," Frates said. "I also enjoyed being in the finals against a tough Tigard kid and managed to come out with first place."

Cook (16-9) bounced Class 3A Clatskanie sophomore Trent Brentsen (3:01) and Estacada freshman Taylor Patterson in the quarterfinal and semifinal, and survived his sophomore teammate Trevor Jackson 3-2 for first.

Eggers (12-6) pinned Seaside junior Gavin Meyer (2:22), Ilwaco freshman Jackson Wilkin (:18) and Yamhill-Carlton senior Zachary Culver (1:32) in the quarterfinal, semifinal and finals.

Carter (6-3) pinned Seaside senior Will Kautz in the first round and Scappoose freshman Cutter Sandstrom (3:14) in the quarterfinal and fell to Ilwaco senior Marcello Lazaro (1:03) in the semifinal but finished with pins of Tigard junior Javier Velasquez (2:00) and in his third-place rematch with Sandstrom (1:20).

The Tribe is scheduled next for a contest in Banks at 7 p.m. Thursday and for the Oregon Classic -- set to feature respective four-time returning Class 6A and Class 2A/1A champions Roseburg and Culver, Class 5A medalist Crater and Class 4A champion Sweet Home -- Friday and Saturday at the First Interstate Bank Fair & Expo Center in Redmond.

"It was good to be back wrestling because I've had elbow bursitis [inflammation] since football," Eggers said. "The Pac-Rim is more individual, and the Oregon Classic is a team thing."

The Lions are set to host Northwest Oregon Conference champion Sandy Wednesday, and the boys and girls will compete in the Bob Beisell Invitational scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday at Forest Grove High School.


Jan. 5-6 in Seaside


106 AJ DeGrande first

Round 1 - DeGrande received a bye; Quarterfinal: DeGrande pinned Allegre Somoza, Knappa; Semifinal: DeGrande pinned Joseph Austin, St. Helens, 1:04; First-place match: DeGrande def. Reily Liesegang, Yamhill-Carlton, 9-7.

113 Colton Frates first

Round 1: Frates received a bye; Quarterfinal: Frates pinned Aaron Chetwood, Ilwaco; Semifinal: Frates def. Tristin Buchanan, St. Helens, technical fall, 16-1; First-place match: Frates def. Cameron O'Connor, Tigard, 7-5.

120 Peyton Healey fifth

Round 1: Healey def. Andrew Gastelum, Seaside, 12-6; Quarterfinal: Healey pinned Daniel Williams, Stayton, 1:10; Semifinal: Killian Ryan, Tigard, pinned Healey, 1:24; Consolation semifinal: Keegan Kemmer, Ilwaco, pinned Healey, 4:00; Fifth-place match: Healey def. Gastelum, 3-2.

126 Blake Johnston

Round 1: Johnston received a bye; Quarterfinal: Armin Rodriguez, Warrenton, def. Johnston, 7-6; Consolation round 2: Johnston received a bye; Consolation round 3: Kameron Powell, Vernonia, pinned Johnston, 3:08.

132 Ashton Kauffman sixth

Round 1: Kauffman def. Hailey Reynolds, Vernonia, technical fall, 16-1; Quarterfinal: Emilio Jimenez, Tigard, def. Kauffman, 7-2; Consolation round 2: Kauffman pinned Marcos Elena, Astoria, 2:20; Consolation round 3: Kauffman pinned Ryder Sharpe, Warrenton, 2:34; Consolation semifinal: Matthew LaVoie, St. Helens, pinned Kauffman, 3:52; Fifth-place match: Braydon Merrow-Hansen, Scappoose, def. Kauffman, forfeit.

132 Braydon Merrow-Hansen fifth

Round 1: Merrow-Hansen pinned Dalton Somers, Astoria, 2:00; Quarterfinal: Luke Goozee, Knappa, pinned Merrow-Hansen, :59; Consolation round 2: Merrow-Hansen def. Joe Thompson, Ilwaco, technical fall, 16-0; Consolation round 3: Merrow-Hansen pinned Elijah Bozied, Vernonia, 2:00; Consolation semifinal: Caleb Brotnov, Estacada, def. Merrow-Hansen, 6-0; Fifth-place match: Merrow-Hansen def. Ashton Kauffman, Scappoose, forfeit.

132 Bryan Villada-Millan

Round 1: Elijah Bozied, Vernonia, pinned Villada-Millan, 3:30; Consolation round 1: Joe Thompson, Ilwaco, pinned Villada-Millan, 2:22.

138 Steven Hensley fifth

Round 1: Hensley pinned Nolan Mathews, Warrenton, 3:00; Quarterfinal: Hensley pinned Byron Cook, Vernonia, 1:11; Semifinal: Mekhi Williams, Vernonia, def. Hensley, 4-2; Consolation semifinal: Cody Hovda, Estacada, def. Hensley, 3-2; Fifth-place match: Hensley def. Austin Sicard, Vernonia, 7-3.

145 Riyle Kauffman

Round 1: Kauffman def. Dawson Marsh, Nestucca, 12-8; Quarterfinal: William Webb, St. Helens, pinned Kauffman, 1:52; Consolation round 2: Kauffman def. Ricardo Gonzalez, Scappoose, forfeit; Consolation round 3: Sam Garrison, Estacada, def. Kauffman, major decision, 11-2.

145 Austin Spiller

Round 1: Spiller pinned Gavin Davis, Nestucca; Quarterfinal: Kaden Settle, Estacada, pinned Spiller, 5:02; Consolation round 2: Spiller pinned Happy Potter, Clatskanie, 5:13; Consolation round 3: Allen Chetwood, Ilwaco, pinned Spiller, 2:00.

145 Ricardo Gonzalez

Round 1: Sam Garrison, Estacada, pinned Gonzalez, 3:24; Consolation round 1: Gonzalez received a bye; Consolation round 2: Riyle Kauffman, Scappoose, def. Gonzalez, forfeit.

152 Trevor Jackson second

Round 1: Jackson pinned Royce Murry, Ilwaco, 3:25; Quarterfinal: Jackson def. Cole Simmons, Estacada, 8-5; Semifinal: Jackson def. Mason Dailey, Yamhill-Carlton, major decision, 11-1; First-place match: Isaac Cook, Scappoose, def. Jackson, 3-2.

152 Isaac Cook first

Round 1: Cook received a bye; Quarterfinal: Cook pinned Trent Brentsen, Clatskanie, 3:01; Semifinal: Cook pinned Taylor Patterson, Estacada; First-place match: Cook def. Trevor Jackson, Scappoose, 3-2.

170 Jack Eggers first

Round 1: Eggers received a bye; Quarterfinal: Eggers pinned Gavin Meyer, Seaside, 2:22; Semifinal: Eggers pinned Jackson Wilkin, Ilwaco, :18; First-place match: Eggers pinned Zachary Culver, Yamhill-Carlton, 1:32.

182 Zeddy Jamerson second

Round 1: Jamerson received a bye; Quarterfinal: Jamerson pinned Dylan Scott, St. Helens, 2:42; Semifinal: Jamerson pinned Cutter Barklow, Vernonia, 1:57; First-place match: Draco Yandell, Estacada, def. Jamerson, 10-4.

182 Brett Kreiger fourth

Round 1: Kreiger pinned Adrianne Camacho, Vernonia; Quarterfinal: Kreiger pinned Clay Dickerson, Stayton; Semifinal: Draco Yandell, Estacada, pinned Kreiger, :19; Consolation semifinal: Kreiger pinned Dylan Scott, St. Helens, 2:00; Third-place match: Clay Dickerson, Stayton, pinned Kreiger, 1:02.

195 Jakobi Kessi second

Round 1: Kessi pinned Garrett Scalfeld, St. Helens, :26; Quarterfinal: Kessi pinned Isaac Goozee, Knappa, 2:21; Semifinal: Kessi def. Marcus Connor, Ilwaco, 6-3; First-place match: Jacob Beck, Tigard, pinned Kessi, 1:26.

220 Quincy Cleveland fifth

Round 1: Cleveland received a bye; Quarterfinal: Cleveland pinned Gannon Carter, St. Helens, 2:51; Semifinal: Joshua Seals, Nestucca, def. Cleveland, 4-0; Consolation semifinal: Luke Nelson, Seaside, def. Cleveland, 1-0; Fifth-place match: Cleveland pinned Gannon Carter, St. Helens, 2:51.

285 Jericho Archer

Round 1: Cahlahbe Whelden, Ilwaco, pinned Archer, :26; Consolation round 1: Archer received a bye; Consolation round 2: Javier Velasquez, Tigard, pinned Archer.

285 Cutter Sandstrom fourth

Round 1: Sandstrom pinned Marshall Crape-Craig, Clatskanie, 1:56; Quarterfinal: Caleb Carter, St. Helens, pinned Sandstrom, 3:14; Consolation round 2: Sandstrom pinned Josiah Rodriquez, Yamhill-Carlton, 2:40; Consolation round 3: Sandstrom pinned Marshall Crape-Craig, Clatskanie, 2:43; Consolation semifinal: Sandstrom def. Cahlahbe Whelden, Ilwaco, 6-0; Third-place match: Caleb Carter, St. Helens, pinned Sandstrom, 1:20.


106 Joseph Austin fourth

Round 1: Austin received a bye; Quarterfinal: Austin pinned Patrick Fletcher, Vernonia; Semifinal: AJ DeGrande, Scappoose, pinned Austin, 1:04; Consolation semifinal: Austin pinned Trey Conner, Corbett, :31; Third-place match: Jose Carrasco, Tigard, def. Austin, 14-10.

113 Tristin Buchanan fifth

Round 1: Buchanan received a bye; Quarterfinal: Buchanan pinned Ashley Jackson, Vernonia, 2:58; Semifinal: Colton Frates, Scappoose, def. Buchanan, technical fall, 16-1; Consolation semifinal: Cody Murphy, Stayton, pinned Buchanan, 2:00; Fifth-place match: Buchanan pinned Ashley Jackson, Vernonia, 4:38.

132 Matthew LaVoie fourth

Round 1: LaVoie pinned Joe Thompson, Ilwaco, 3:00; Quarterfinal: LaVoie pinned Elijah Bozied, Vernonia, 3:03; Semifinal: Luke Goozee, Knappa, pinned LaVoie, :43; Consolation semifinal: LaVoie pinned Ashton Kauffman, Scappoose, 3:52; Third-place match: Caleb Brotnov, Estacada, def. LaVoie, 8-1.

138 Adam Stockwell

Preliminary: Andre Eagles, Tigard, def. Stockwell, 10-3; Preliminary: Jaime Garcia, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Stockwell.

145 William Webb fourth

Round 1: Webb pinned Zachary Briles, Stayton, 1:30; Quarterfinal: Webb pinned Riyle Kauffman, Scappoose, 1:52; Semifinal: Owen Amerson, Yamhill-Carlton, def. Webb, technical fall, 17-0; Consolation semifinal: Webb pinned Allen Chetwood, Ilwaco, 5:16; Third-place match: Sam Garrison, Estacada, def. Webb, major decision, 12-4.

152 Shawn Lee

Round 1: Mason Dailey, Yamhill-Carlton, def. Lee, 6-1; Consolation round 1: Lee pinned Thomas Atwood, Warrenton, 2:25; Consolation round 2: Lee pinned Cole Simmons, Estacada, 3:20; Consolation round 3: Royce Murry, Ilwaco, def. Lee, 3-1.

170 Maverick Rask

Round 1: Rask def. Nickolas Bennett, Vernonia, 8-2; Quarterfinal: Zachary Culver, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Rask, 2:18; Consolation round 2: Rask pinned Greg Petit, Ilwaco, 2:46; Consolation round 3: Ethan Howard, Stayton, def. Rask, 13-7.

170 Ryan Burri fifth

Round 1: Burri def. Alvin Roberts, Clatskanie, major decision, 18-5; Quarterfinal: Jackson Wilkin, Ilwaco, pinned Burri, 1:44; Consolation round 2: Burri pinned Gabriel Lagana, Warrenton, 2:19; Consolation round 3: Burri pinned Gavin Meyer, Seaside, 2:56; Consolation semifinal: Antonio Loza, Tigard, def. Burri, sudden victory, 6-4; Fifth-place match: Burri pinned Jackson Wilkin, Ilwaco, 4:37.

182 Cody Leanna

Round 1: Clay Dickerson, Stayton, pinned Leanna, 5:45; Consolation round 1: Leanna pinned Adrianne Camacho, Vernonia, 1:55; Consolation round 2: Leanna pinned David Toyooka, Seaside, 5:31; Consolation round 3: Clay Dickerson, Stayton, pinned Leanna, 4:00.

182 Dylan Scott sixth

Round 1: Scott pinned Justin Stephens, Warrenton, 1:12; Quarterfinal: Zeddy Jamerson, Scappoose, pinned Scott, 2:42; Consolation round 2: Scott pinned Mark Phipps, Seaside, 1:51; Consolation round 3: Scott pinned Jorge Galvan, Ilwaco, 5:08; Consolation semifinal: Brett Kreiger, Scappoose, pinned Scott, 2:00; Fifth-place match: Cutter Barklow, Vernonia, pinned Scott, 3:35.

195 Garrett Scalfeld

Round 1: Jakobi Kessi, Scappoose, pinned Scalfeld, :26; Consolation round 1: Scalfeld received a bye; Consolation round 2: Scalfeld pinned Jeffrey Adair, Nestucca, 2:00; Consolation round 3: Isaac Goozee, Knappa, pinned Scalfeld, 5:47.

220 Gannon Carter sixth

Round 1: Carter pinned Triston Scott, Warrenton, 1:50; Quarterfinal: Quincy Cleveland, Scappoose, pinned Carter, 2:51; Consolation round 2: Carter pinned Tyler Tackitt, Seaside; Consolation round 3: Carter pinned Triston Scott, Warrenton, 2:00; Consolation semifinal: Zackary Rodriguez, Yamhill-Carlton, pinned Carter, 1:36; Fifth-place match: Quincy Cleveland pinned Carter, 2:51.

285 Benjamin Torres

Round 1: Javier Velasquez, Tigard, pinned Torres, 1:48; Consolation round 1: Torres pinned Jeff Stutznegger, Astoria, 5:24; Consolation round 2: Beau Reynolds, Warrenton, pinned Torres, :31.

285 Caleb Carter third

Round 1: Carter pinned Will Kautz, Seaside; Quarterfinal: Carter pinned Cutter Sandstrom, Scappoose, 3:14; Semifinal: Marcello Lazaro, Ilwaco, pinned Carter, 1:03; Consolation semifinal: Carter pinned Javier Velasquez, Tigard, 2:00; Third-place match: Carter pinned Cutter Sandstrom, Scappoose, 1:20.

Team scores

1. Scappoose 225.5

2. Tigard 211

3. Estacada 188

4. Yamhill-Carlton 164.5

5. St. Helens 153

6. Ilwaco 132

7. Vernonia 115.5

8. Stayton 86

9. Clatskanie 57

10. Knappa 41

11. Seaside 37

12. Corbett 33.5

t-13. Nestucca 33

t-13. Warrenton 33

15. Astoria 17

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