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NEW SMILES DENTAL - Dentists Nathan Doyel and Benjamin AanderudNo one ever likes to hear that they need a root canal. A root canal is probably the dental procedure most feared. However, modern dentistry is far more advanced today. New technologies allow root canals to be completed more comfortably and efficiently than ever before. There are also several ways to make your experience more relaxed, such as Nitrous Oxide ("laughing gas"), Oral and/or IV Sedation, use of movie glasses or listening to music.

You may ask why you would need root canal therapy? Often infection is our greatest concern. If decay has gone into the nerve canal, or the nerve has died due to previous trauma, infection may spread in or around the tooth. Sometimes this condition can even be life-threatening. Having your tooth treated will help alleviate the pain you may feel and it can allow you to preserve a tooth that might otherwise have to be extracted. Sometimes a patient may not have any symptoms, but if examination and testing show a root canal is necessary, having the procedure done may avoid further expenses, reduce further damage, and prevent health issues. Leaving it untreated causes the body's immune system to work excessively to fight off the infection. The procedure is about an hour where the dentist will remove the damaged nerve and seal the chamber. Often there is minimal to no discomfort following treatment. Depending on the tooth, a crown may be necessary after treatment.

At New Smiles, our skilled and experienced dental team performs most root canals themselves, saving you the need to go to a specialized endodontist. Call us today for all your dental needs!

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