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WILSON ORTHODONTICS  - C. Todd Wilson, DDSEvery few weeks or so, I talk with a potential patient who's been promised the same orthodontic services I offer, but with the braces off in half the time.

As an efficiency-minded person myself, I understand the desire to save time and money. But just like the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The time it takes for an orth­odontic system to work de­pends on a variety of factors, everything from diet and me­tabolism to the speed of bone formation on the cellular level. Each person is different, mak­ing it challenging to predict how quickly teeth will move until some time has passed.

And while there have been tremendous changes in the orthodontics industry over­all, you should beware of oversold promises about any particular brand.

Today's braces use thin­ner wires that are more flex­ible and sit at a lower profile on your teeth. This, in turn, makes the braces more effi­cient and more comfortable. Of course I am personally committed to utilizing the most current and efficient technology. But these chang­es have been adopted by all major companies, and the differences between brands is mostly based on individual orthodontists' preferences.

Instead, what truly matters is the experience of your or­thodontist and their commit­ment to doing the job right. Braces are a big expense that affect your appearance for life. It is important to choose a provider based on quality of results, being careful about what is promised in terms of time and cost. Wilson Orthodontics

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