The advocacy group charged with getting the community to support the Nov. 7 school bond is out in force, getting ready to launch phone, mail and word-of-mouth campaigns.

"The campaign is in full swing and they're very visible at this point," said Connie Hansen, a member of the Sherwood School Board and board liaison for the Care for Kids steering committee. "It's a very broad-based community wide campaign."

Heading the Care for Kids campaign is Sue Hekker, the group's chairwoman.

Hekker is a member of the 2005 Long Range Planning Committee that made recommendations about future growth and how the district should prepare for it. The 17-member Care for Kids committee has been working on the bond for about a year.

"We've been meeting monthly until recently," said Hekker.

The campaign's slogan is "Classrooms for Kids" and the push now is to work on voter registration, said Hekker. She said an estimated 1,100 parents who have school-aged children in the district are not registered to vote.

Hekker said plans also are underway to host phone banks on Oct. 21, Oct. 23 through 25 and 30. They'll be repeated on Nov. 1, 2 and 6.

"The phone banks are going to run each night from 6 to 8 p.m.," she said.

In addition, two direct mail pieces will be sent out in October and volunteers helped man all the back-to-school nights. They also distributed information during a soccer jamboree earlier in September.

One thing that has pleased Hekker has been finding out that the upcoming Voter's Pamphlet will contain 10 arguments in favor of the bond.

"We were pretty excited about that," said Hekker.

Among the statements of support were two from the senior citizen community, said Hekker, noting that, "some of the long-time Sherwood residents really wanted to be a part of this."

Students in the Leadership Class at Sherwood High School also have lent their support as well, said Hekker.

"The other thing were doing . . . is the wristbands," said Hekker. "It's just a quiet way of showing some support."

The maroon-colored Tyvek wristbands contain the words, "Classroom for Kids" and have been distributed throughout the community.