Portland couple adopts Grace and Hazel from the Cat Adoption Team Friday

by: COURTESY OF CAT ADOPTION TEAM  - Melissa and Brett of Portland hold Grace, left, and Hazel, the two cats disovered in a sealed container and thrown in a trash container on March 23.Less than one week after two cats were left for dead in a sealed Rubbermaid-like container placed in a Dumpster, the young felines have a new home.

Shortly after they went up for adoption on Friday, a Portland couple adopted the cats dubbed Hazel and Grace.

The animals’ story began on March 23 when they were discovered inside a container placed in a trash container at the Washington Square-area PetSmart by an alert employee.

The cats were checked out by veterinarians at the Banfield Pet Hospital at the Beaverton PetSmart and then taken to Sherwood’s Cat Adoption CAT ADOPTION TEAM - Grace, an organge tabby, was one of two cats recently adopted by a Portland couple from the Cat Adoption Team.

That’s where Brett and Melissa (who asked that their last names just in case someone who had done something so horrible to the animals would someday want to track them down), visited Hazel and Grace Friday. The couple was still mourning the lost of their 23-year-old cat Valderrama who had died only a week earlier. (The animal showed up one morning after slipping through the couple’s open second-floor apartment door and falling asleep on Melissa’s back).

“He ended up staying with us for 17 years, through eight different houses,” said Brett.

Searching for a place to donate their “ancient-cat-specific food and medication,” they came upon the CAT website where Melissa also located four cats that she was interested in looking at. Hazel and grace were among those four.

“We had not heard the story on the news before we got down there, and it didn’t influence our decision so much as the other two cats on the list (snubbed us),” said Brett. “Because they came in together, we felt that they should stay together, particularly after what they’d been through.”

So far, Brett said Hazel (who will most likely be renamed Arya after the “Game of Thrones” character) is “probably the most affectionate cat we’ve ever encountered.”by: CAT ADOPTION TEAM  - Hazel was one of the cats found in a Dumpster in Beaverton on March 23. He and his bonded companion Hazel were recently adopted.

Meanwhile, Grace, who the couple has observed has gone through more traumas in her life, likes to hide during the day, emerging only at night. Brett said the cat is sweet, affectionate, playful and a big fan of catnip. They don’t know if Grace will get a new name, noting that “Gracie” seems like a pretty good fit.

Kathy Covey, a spokeswoman for CAT, said the animals were a “bonded” pair and volunteers were hoping someone would provide a home for both. CAT even offered a discount on adoption fees if the animals were placed in the same home.

Finally, anyone who knows something about how these cats ended up in the garbage container is asked to call the Beaverton Police Department at 503-629-0111. Animal abandonment is against the law in Oregon and is a Class B Misdemeanor.

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