The city of Sherwood Police Department was involved in 182 incidents and calls for service over the weekend in which several arrests were made for various criminal activities.

With the recent opening of Kohl’s department store there was an expected increase in calls for service; a new business is a prime opportunity for criminals to test store security personnel, according to police.

Since its opening five separate arrests for theft from Kohl’s have been made — two occurring over the past weekend — with each suspect have outstanding felony warrants for their arrest.

In addition, the following incidents also occurred over the weekend:

-- While attempting to locate a drunk driver, Sherwood Police discovered several juveniles behind building smoking marijuana. The juveniles were not in the vehicle associated with the suspected drunk driver; however, the proactive police work prevented the juveniles from driving and endangering others. The juveniles were cited for possession of Marijuana.

-- A 2-year-old girl, barefoot and in only a diaper was found running down the street without parental supervision. Two different people stopped their vehicles and kept the child from walking onto Sunset Blvd. The parents were located and were unaware their child was missing.

-- A drunk driver got his vehicle stuck on the Les Schwab mailbox while attempting to turn around, and a Sherwood police officer happened by at just the right time and made the arrest.

Please remember to call 911 only in case of emergency. All non-emergency related police matters should be reported to the non-emergency dispatch number at 503-629-0111. If you have a records request or general staff question of the police department, please call 503-625-5523 during business hours.

— Submitted by the Sherwood Police Department

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