Mayor Bill Middleton also reiterates he will set the agenda

Matt Langer will remain the Sherwood City Council’s liaison to the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Bill Middleton will continue to set the council’s agendas.

Those two issues were clarified during a packed City Council meeting Tuesday SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Bill Middleton

During the meeting, Middleton announced that he was pulling an item that he had set for the agenda several weeks prior, that of reappointing Councilor Krisanna Clark as the council liaison to the chamber.

"I’m removing it," said Middleton. "I’m letting Langer do what he wants."

At issue was a Feb. 25 meeting where Councilor Dave Grant had moved that Langer fill the liaison spot, a move that was approved by the majority of the council. The mayor, who had been out of town during the meeting and joined the council via a conference call, had strongly objected, saying that only he had the power to make such liaison appointments.

“It’s not the council’s decision,” Middleton pointed out firmly at the time.

In putting the liaison position on the agenda as a last minute item Feb. 25, Grant had argued that the mayor only had a say in who was appointed liason to city groups and committees and not to non-city orgainizations.

On Tuesday, Grant, who was the one joining the council via conference call this time, explained that he had pushed for the liaison appointment because the issue had dragged on since January without a resolution. He then asked the council if there was interest in allowing three or more members of the council the opportunity to add items to council agendas in the future.

Later, Councilor Linda Henderson said she would like to see a more public process in making appointments to the council, suggesting that the council look at amending its rules to create more transparency.

Middleton said he’d have no problem with that suggestion but rejected the notion that a majority of council members should be allowed to add items to the agenda simply by having a majority of council members agreeing to add them. The mayor said councilors already have the right to approach him about adding an item to an agenda.

"I have never said, ‘no I won’t put this on the agenda,’" he said. "So it’s going to stay the way it is."

Middleton also said the council needs to work with the chamber but said the sudden emergency of placing the liason item as a last minute agenda item at the Feb. 25 meeting was "embarrasing."

For her part, Clark said she was more than happy to serve in the position again, noting that the city’s charter says only the mayor can make appointments.

"It states the mayor appoints,” she said. "It just didn’t matter to others."

During public comments, Sherwood resident Sally Robinson, called moves to add an agenda item at the last moment on Feb. 25 disrespectful.

“The disrespect shown to the mayor at the end of the meeting was embarrassing,” she said. “Your public does not appreciate that type of conduct.”

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