Signature gatherers have until Nov. 17 to collect names to place on a future ballot

(This corrects a previous version of this story related to where recreational marijuana may be sold.)

If she collects enough signatures, a Sherwood resident is hoping to ask city voters if they'll repeal the city's ban on recreational marijuana and adopt accompanying land-use regulations at the same time.

The chief petitioner of the measure is listed as Maren Renee Harris, who must now collect the needed initiative petition signatures by Nov. 17 in order to get the measure on a future ballot.

Approval would mean that recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers would not be permitted to sell their products in restrictive general residential zones throughout the city. Facilities would only be permitted in industrial zones and after approval by Sherwood's community development director.

Proposed language asks that sale times be limited with a ban on any recreational production or sales facilities within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, public plazas, other recreational marijuana facilities and single or multi-family neighborhoods.

Anthony W. Stuart, who helped with the filing of the initiative petition, said tax revenues from recreational marijuana sales as well as their equivalents to local cities has turned out to be six times the predicted amount for 2016.

"So Sherwood residents have been left out from significant additional revenue for law enforcement and city discretionary spending," Stuart noted.

In November, a ballot measure banning the sale of recreational marijuana as well as production of the product within city limits was approved by Sherwood voters by 56.41 percent to 43.59 percent.

Signature gatherers need to collect an estimated 1,500 signatures to place the measure on a ballot, according to City Attorney Josh Soper. Soper said he was told that plans were to use paid signature gatherers to collect the needed number.

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