Sherwood officers, citizens need to help combat crime

To the Editor:

contacting me to ask why I have not published articles in the Gazette the past two months. Like many of you, I was ill, and not able to but I need to let you know how very much I appreciate your interest. This is another example of how wonderful it is to be a part of our community.

I am particularly interested in the growing incidents of illegal drug use, bullying, and vandalism. Although in their infancy, left unchecked will continue to rise.

I am helping to bring awareness and cohesiveness to our police officers and citizens, especially directed toward our youth. I would like to introduce our officers as friends, and not so much “The Enforcer.” We have drifted away from this scenario during our rapid growth phase.

Officers are, of course, available to help when needed. We need to return to the relationships with former police chiefs: e.g., Chief Larry Laws who brought Nancy Reagan’s “Say No To Drugs” Campaign to Sherwood, and Oregon. Chief Stanislowski (known as St. Stan) who initiated a “walk around” and “be a friend” era, Chief Middleton, who continued Laws’ Campaign and started M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) in Sherwood. These are a few chiefs that helped make Sherwood a safe place to live.

Chief Groth is interested in attaining a forceful, but friendly, atmosphere between our citizens and youth through education in the schools, etc. He would like the officers to approach, and be approached, as a friend that you can come to with problems for advice/assistance.

I am presently working on a project to help toward this end. I will keep those interested informed through the Gazette. I am always available to respond to your questions, interest, and advice. Together, we will make this the “best” place to live.

Selma Broadhurst


Middleton Elementary, community deserve thanks

To the Editor:

This past week was magical. This past week Middleton Elementary orchestrated a coin drive called Coins for a Cure to raise money for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation to provide critical research to cure this horrible disease. In one week, the students and their families raised over $4,500. We can’t thank you enough for what you did to help our daughter, Ella Farnum, and so many other girls living with Rett Syndrome.

This genetic disease has taken away our daughter’s ability to talk, care for herself, and added a host of other medical challenges. It was magical because wherever Ella went, our atypical daughter was being hugged, and groups were flocking to her to say hello. It was magical because the Easter Egg Hunt for Hope also happened and again, the Sherwood community rallied to support and care for another member of the Sherwood family.

We all know Money magazine ranked Sherwood the fifth-best place to live. These lists take into consideration schools, income, crime, etc. But, what they can’t know is the heart of this amazing community.

We know if Ella could talk, she’d want to thank you all for giving. Giving the change from your piggy bank, holding lemonade stands and bike rides to raise money. To Mrs. Camp’s fourth grade class who spent hours counting lots of change, and getting the school excited; you are awesome!

To Mrs. Camp who in the midst of testing and new standards said, “Absolutely. Let’s do it,” even when it was just a brainstorm, that is why you are truly one of the best. To Lisa Poehlitz, Alicia Wilks and Mr. Patterson, thank you for all of your help. Thank you Jean and Judi at US Bank who spent at least as much time as the students “confirming” their coin counts.

Thank you to local businesses, Bittner Dentistry for Kids, US Bank, Wilson Orthodontics and Mudpuddles. Finally, to the Middleton teachers who helped ignite the spark in your students, thank you. You helped make this successful.

We are humbled by your generosity and sincerely thank you all.

Bill and Beth Farnum


Too many silly victories

in Sherwood?

To the Editor:

Mr. Mayor, it’s easy to stand on your soapbox when you have nothing to lose. You are just as guilty of having your personal agenda interfere with the performance of your duties.

I have seen you cater to the vocal minority in Sherwood while ignoring the silent majority. I realize it’s easy to do. But your term is almost up so get your jabs in now, I suppose.

I also recently noticed our local anti-Walmart group has declared victory over the delay in removing the signal next to Albertsons. I have this to say to this group, get a map. The plan called for a U-turn at and a possible extension of Baler Way. If you check a map, this is a block before Langer Farms where the Walmart is being built. Not sure how you thought that light removal funneled traffic to Walmart.

I believe, however, that light can still be removed in the future, LUBA simply required them to review and revise their plan.

Dave West


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