Readers show support for YMCA, praise mayor for column about respect

Resident encourages voters to sign petition asking for YMCA vote

Regardless of how you voted in the Presidential election, many people on both sides feel the people aren't represented in our government. Politicians have muted our voices. Let's not let that happen in Sherwood. This is a wonderful community as witnessed by the number of people who want to live here. As a Sherwood resident, I'm proud of many features including the work done on "Old Town" to attract more people, our concern about growth, our Sherwood schools, our police department and our Y. This year decisions will be made about whether to keep the Y or disband it in favor of some other opportunity. While I feel the Y is a critical gathering point and even the center of his community, what is most important is that we don't become a community where critical decisions are made by a few. Our Mayor and City Council members work hard to make the best choices but at times, these choices should come about through popular vote. I implore the mayor and Sherwood City Council to rise above the "norm" of politicians and to bring the issues about the use of the building currently inhabited by the Y to the people. Let our voices make the decision through popular vote in May. I encourage the voting residents of Sherwood to sign a petition asking for the vote. Go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask where you can go to sign up to make sure your voice is heard. Susan Cain McCarty


Mayor has guts, makes good point about respect

In Mayor Clark's December Gazette Column, she had a true "Golden Nugget" tucked away. Did anyone catch it? Said she: "We will not always agree with each other. We may not even like each other sometimes, but I would like to challenge all of us, from the council to the citizens, to be kind and respectful of one another. To seek to understand one another and to agree to disagree without being disagreeable."

Now compare that to one of the reports from the January Gazette Sherwood Police Blotter: "An irate customer at the Sherwood McDonald's restaurant would not calm down, yelling, screaming and throwing things because he said an employee forgot his hash browns".

I have lived in Sherwood Since 1995. Never have I seen so many irate and rage-filled people on the road: tailgating; intentionally running the Railroad Street stop sign to turn left onto Pine Street and then giving me the dirty look! Being run off the road on Southwest 124th Avenue.

I believe Mayor Clark has guts for putting out a request for all of us to "be kind and respectful of one another".

Or as the English poet William Wordsworth put it: "The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love."

Stephen Bjorndal


Tualatin resident encourages continued operation of city facility by YMCA

I recently learned that there is an initiative process underway to require a vote of the citizens if there is to be a change in the "operator" of the Sherwood city-owned recreational facility which has been operated by the YMCA since 1998.

In the past I have discussed rumors with my daughter and son-in-law that there was a move afoot to "replace the Y" when the current contract comes up for renewal. They are Sherwood residents and members of the Y. I happen to be a resident of neighboring Tualatin and am also a member of your Y.

After living in eight states and maintaining YMCA memberships, I have said for years that the Sherwood YMCA is the best one I have ever seen!

There is a joyful attitude throughout the entire facility (lobby, pool, gym, etc.). The staff thoroughly enjoys serving their members, and I have met the nicest people here – there is just a wholesome attitude throughout this YMCA.

I do understand that I cannot participate directly in the future decisions that will be made regarding this facility and the services offered, because I am not a resident of Sherwood, but I would share these thoughts with the Sherwood families.

Those of us who do not live in Sherwood have not paid taxes that are paying off the original bond to build the facility, but we do pay higher fees than do residents. Those fees contribute to the operations of the myriad of programs offered. I think this is a fair allocation of fiscal responsibility.

I also believe, although I have no numbers to quantify, that those of us who live outside the city limits, bring additional retail business to Sherwood. Whether it is a stop by the store on the way home, or a lunch with member friends at a local restaurant, Sherwood businesses have additional customers because of these memberships in the YMCA.

I encourage those of you in Sherwood to keep a close watch on the evaluation process and options being reviewed for the future of one of your most valuable community assets.

Mae Heide


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