Citizens weigh in on marijuana initiative, efforts to save Affordable Care Act and whether city is friendly to small businesses

Marijuana initiative story didn't paint entire picture

I was quite surprised to see Mark Miller's July 17 article on the latest marijuana initiative in the Gazette, and his one-sided reporting on the issue.

The article was inherently pro-marijuana, and did not reflect all of Sherwood City Council comments on the issue. What was glaringly missing was the opposition that some of us councilors have about the latest request to put recreational marijuana to the voters again in Sherwood.

What I expressed at the meeting (and many times before) was my vehement objection to approval of allowing "any" recreational marijuana facility to sell marijuana in Sherwood.  

Why? Because from a morality perspective, I cannot justify allowing anyone to sell marijuana — still a Schedule I drug and still an illegal drug under federal law — to our Sherwood residents for a quick buck, no matter how much.

It was irresponsible for Ms. Ralston to state that the city of Sherwood is losing "any" amount of money because it was based on pure speculation.

The formula that calculates how a city's 3-percent maximum tax is calculated is based on a very complicated formula that cannot be confirmed with any accuracy.

No one can accurately predict such "possible" numbers until sales numbers are first identified.

Even worse than the incomplete reporting, Mr. Miller "edited" his article (according to the online version) to correct the numbers that Ms. Ralston identified as lost revenues to the city — numbers which will no doubt be wrongfully relied upon by the public and other pro-marijuana Councilors under the guise that they have been "corrected". 

Don't be fooled by the latest attempt to get recreational marijuana in Sherwood — residents in Sherwood have said "no" to marijuana twice already.

A majority of voters have twice declined to permit recreational marijuana vendors in Sherwood.  

Against my vote, medical marijuana made it here, although maybe not for long given the decline in sales at the only facility in Sherwood.

To me, that further shows that Sherwood residents do not want marijuana facilities at all here in our town. Let's all vote down the initiative in November.

Sally Robinson

Sherwood City Council member

and resident

Editor's note: The online story was edited to correct the total amount of revenue Ms. Ralston said she believes Sherwood would receive. Those numbers have not been corroborated by the City of Sherwood, and the Gazette presented them as Ms. Ralston's claim.

You can't control pot

if you legalize it

The August Edition of The Sherwood Gazette informs Sherwood residents they get to vote (again) on recreational marijuana. Sad. Most of the people I've known over the years that smoke marijuana "recreationally," walk around in a haze much like the one we're all in now due to the surrounding fires.

Retired U.S. District Judge Lacy Thornburg said it best, (and this is straight out of The American Heritage Dictionary under recreational): "You can't accept recreational drug use and expect to control the drug problem."

Stephen Bjorndal


Let's find a way to save the Affordable Care Act

Now that he's lost in the political arena, it seems our President plans to sabotage the Affordable Care Act by withholding the billions of dollars that have been promised to reduce premiums for people in the individual market.This cruel action would not only undermine a popular program but could mean millions of people are put in harm's way - by their own President! This is unconscionable.As a member of Our Indivisible Revolution Sherwood (find us on Facebook) I worked hard to save the ACA.Now what is needed now is for people of good will to work together, no matter their ideology, and honestly examine the problems with the ACA and work together to craft and pass solutions.Instead, we have a President who is willing to hurt his own people to score political points. Shameful!

Scott McClure


Is the city unfair

to small businesses?

Sherwood is unfriendly to small business. I am one of the few acupuncture businesses in Sherwood. I have a doctorate in pain management, and because I can get rid of pain without side effects or drugs, I am a great alternative for patients that may otherwise become one of the opioid pain medication statistics. But I am closing my doors.

The Sherwood Gazette did a story on my business. I bought a 1/2 page ad in the paper advertising my business. I took out an Adwords ad through Google and a Facebook Ad. The sum total of patients from the advertisements was less than a dozen over 6 months. Next, I put a small banner sign on the lawn of the business I rent from, along Highway 99W.

I started to get a few patients that saw the sign. After a few weeks, the city yanked my sign and confiscated it, never to be seen again. They told me my sign wasn't allowed, even on private property. So I'm virtually invisible. The net result is having to close my doors. I think the signage was the last straw. It was literally like the city was saying, "We don't want mom and pop shops in our town, we have a brand new Target." The people are amazing in this town, but unfortunately, the city does nothing to help small business grow.

Wade Mcculloch


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