Oregon is piggybacking on California’s efforts to boost energy efficiency standards for certain home appliances sold in the state.

The Oregon House on Thursday passed a bill creating new effiency standards for televisions, batter chargers and a common type of outdoor lighting. The bill will save consumers $22 million a year in energy use, according to the Citizens Utility Board of Oregon, a watchdog group for residential energy consumers.

“Energy efficiency is the cheapest source of energy,” says Jeff Bissonette of CUB. “When appliances are very efficient when consumers buy them, that’s the cheapest way to get the cheapest resource.”

A slightly different version of the bill, Senate Bill 692, was already passed by the Senate, so the bill must now go back to that chamber for an expected final vote.

The bill adopts standards approved in California, which offers a large enough market to force manufacturers to alter what they make and sell.

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