There’s a lot of potential toxic waste sitting atop the typical home covered with weather-beaten asphalt shingles — the equivalent of 10 barrels of oil.

Soon the Portland area could get another place to recycle those shingles when the roof is getting replaced.

Northwest Shingle Recyclers has applied to locate a roofing-material recovery facility at 2345 N.W. Nicolai St., in Portland’s Northwest industrial district. The company operates similar facilities in Southeast Portland and Tigard.

The facility would accept loads of shingles and related roofing waste from contractors — not the general public. Then it would separate the shingles out for shipment to an asphalt batch plant, where they’d become feedstock for new asphalt. Other materials would be recycled to the greatest extent possible.

Northwest Shingle Recyclers is applying for a permit for the new plant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

For more information, or to submit a public comment about the proposal:

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