More promising green energy and related technologies could get commercialized under Oregon State University’s new Venture Accelerator program.

OSU chose 12 research concepts and spinoff companies as part of its inaugural cohort for the program, which is designed to help turn ideas hatched in academia into profitable businesses.

Several of the first dozen involve sustainability-oriented technologies, including:

• Waste2Watergy – a Corvallis startup company that hopes to produce electricity from wastewater, while also treating the wastewater.

• MOVE, which stands for “methane opportunities for vehicle energy,” is exploring a way to allow a car that runs on methane to compress its own fuel and be re-fueled from a homeowner’s natural gas supply.

• Heating systems – devices using microchannel arrays that might lead to greater efficiency for residential or other uses.

• Beet – A solar cell device based on patented absorber material that allows high conversion efficiency.

The Venture Accelerator is designed to identify innovative research findings, then streamline their development with legal, marketing, financial and mentoring to help turn good ideas into real-world businesses.

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